13 random things from ThinkGeek to surprise your favorite geekoid

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Does one ever REALLY need a reason to share a whole slew of geeky item — especially when y’all just KNOW ThinkGeek is always serving you pure brilliance, perfectly warmed to exactly the temperature you like? That’s what I thought… so here are a few of my favorite new kids’ products the site has launched recently. AND OF COURSE: just because it SAYS it’s for kids doesn’t mean it has to be — and in some cases I’m pretty sure ThinkGeek knows it won’t be. Take this neon green T-rex tea infuser for example. What kid is drinking that much tea?! You know it’s really for YOU… or you can at least say it is!

Here are 13 other items I’m fiending over, and they’d all make a pretty sweet surprise for that one person who will spring to mind when you see the list:

I don’t know why there’s a coffee cup in the photo with this inflatable dino ($19.99-24.99), but I’m not sure it matters. It’s an INFLATABLE DINOSAUR. This dude is 46″ long — that’s nearly 4 feet! You can also get a T-rex, Stegosaurus, Velociraptor, or Pterodactyl.

Pull back racers are eternally popular, Mario Kart is one of the most kickass video games ever… so why not combine the two? Clearly the folks at ThinkGeek were on the same wavelength when they whipped up these Mario Kart Racers ($7.99).

You know what kids love? Kid-sized things! These kid-sized headphones ($29.99) are perfect for the 2+ year old in your life. BONUS: get these for your kid and you get your headphones back! Win-win.

YOU GUYS: this is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles backpack ($44.99) that comes with corresponding Turtle masks! The backpack is shaped like a shell and the masks are made of felt and every single thing about this entire package is absolutely 100% bodacious.

Night lights are a big deal with some members of the kid population, and when they’re as cool as this Wonder Woman light ($9.99) I totally see why.

Who wants to make regular ol’ ice pops when you could make bug-shaped ice pops ($12.99) instead? Definitely not this girl!

Smencils are gourmet scented pencils ($14.99) that are so yummy-smelling you’d almost want to eat them (but don’t). Scents include cherry vanilla, waffle cone, and pearfect.

Before I get into the amazing details of the FieldCandy Space Tent, let me tell you this: it’ll cost ya $499. So now that we’re all set on looking but not touching, here’s why it’s the coolest thing in the world: there are only 195 of this design in the entire world and it’s actually a real tent. So you can have a regular tent, OR you can have a super fancy one-of-195 space-themed tent. Your choice!

The LEGO Millennium Falcon ZipBins ($9.99-14.99) are designed to hold the eighty-five million Star Wars toys that now occupy space in your home. Don’t have that many yet? Don’t worry — they’re coming.

If this Batman-themed raincoat ($34.99-49.99) didn’t make you say, “Awwww!” then hopefully it at least made you say “AWESOME!” Other options include Superman.

Holy shit, it’s an inflatable Star Trek Captain’s Chair ($24.99)! You Your kid can pretend to be Captain Picard (or the Captain of his/her choice) all. Day. Long.

Finger Sporks! The perfect way to assist your favorite little finger-eater in his or her efforts. They’re only $4.99, so you can probably pick up a set for the whole family.

Every time I see a kaleidoscope ($6.99) just lying about I can never resist putting it up to my eye and giving it a spin. The thing seriously never, ever gets old.

That’s my list, y’all! ThinkGeek is giving you FREE Shipping on orders over $75, so you know… if you’re geeky gift shopping, there’s a place for you.

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    • DUDE I KNOW. I had that reaction over a) the awesome tent itself AND b) the price. First in a positive way, second in a less-than-positive. I will continue to daydream!

  1. I need that tent.

    Also, the only explanation I can think of for the coffee cup and the dinosaur is to show the dinosaur’s size. If not that, it’s anyone’s guess.

    • AH-HA! Maybe that’s it. I also like to think the photographer just has to have coffee all the time and then forgot to Photoshop it out. I think your explanation is probably way more likely!

      • Yea, I like all the random things magazines and websites put in for size references. I saw a teapot on a site yesterday that had a tennis ball in the picture for size reference. It seems it would have made more sense to have a mug or something in that pic. In this one they could have an actual human kid, but I’m not on their marketing team, so I’ll be quiet.

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