Fallout video game-inspired home decor

Guest post by Julie F.
Items from the board: Radio, ammo box, banker's lamp, space-age poster, bobblehead, Persian rug, coffee table, Coca-Cola poster, armchair, couch.
Items from the board: Radio, ammo box, banker’s lamp, space-age poster, bobblehead, Persian rug, coffee table, Coca-Cola poster, armchair, couch.

There’s one thing in the decoration department that I love to do more than decorating on my own place: decorating my video game character housing. Spend hours playing to get that rare (and virtual!) piece of furniture to complement my decor? Check. Gather piles of in-game money to purchase this particular house in the next village? Oh yes!

So what happens when two obsessions collides? This happens: An inspiration board from a pretty awesome video game — Fallout 3-Tenpenny Towers.

If you’re inspired in real life by my video game home decor, here’s where you can find these items:

Retro poster: Retroplanet’s Space Camping Poster

To all my fellow geeky gamers out there, what was your favourite video game character housing? And why?

Comments on Fallout video game-inspired home decor

  1. I tried to think of my favourite video game room, and the first thing to come to mind was the secret hideouts in Pokemon Sapphire/Ruby. I think I just loved that mine was on a little island(!), in a tree(!), and then I got to fill it full of mats that played musical notes and my favourite pokemon plushies.

  2. I love that orange chair. In green, that is. Now I am busy justifying a 800 dollar chair…

    • Tell me about it. IF I had room for the orange one, I would TOTALLY spend the $800. It’s kind of like getting two chairs for that price (what with the ottoman), AND it’s a total statement piece.

  3. i love when Amazon sellers can’t get information correct in their listings. assuming the ammo can in the picture is the one being sold, it’s 5.56, not .50 – there’s a HUGE difference in size between the two.

  4. Now I’m trying to figure out how to have a Borderlands themed room. Also where I can get a spare room to decorate…

  5. Skyrim House!!!!! I’ve wanted a viking-style house for a long time, and then Hearthfire came out and I got to make my own? Swoon! One day I will have a viking style house, one day.

    • Heck yeah!! I’m especially fond of the Markarth homes, just with more windows plz. I haven’t seen Hearthfire yet.

      • Yeah, the Markarth homes are my favorite, too. They’d be mighty cold in real life, though. Plus I really don’t want to sleep on a stone bed!

    • Actually, this is the next board I’m working on… Wait to see the goodies I’ve found for you! (I was kind of interrupted in my work by some silly dlc they called ”heartfire”, pfff. Two houses and a couple of children later, it’s out of my system enough so I can return to work, haha!)

  6. The only video game I can play is Peggle. So if I were to dream up a room based on that, it would be all flowers and jack-o-lanterns and cartoon critters. Wait, that’s my kitchen…

  7. This post is missing the handfulls of rusty bottle caps and packages of twinkies. Also, some day I would like a house inspired by Legend of Zelda.

  8. I freakin’ love Fallout. I always wanted to set up a Fallout section in my home whenever I can afford the proper supplies. This is so awesome.

  9. I want a Sims house, obviously, so I can change the color of my couch on a whim and get paid good money to delete furniture I’m sick of. ..Unless this conversation isn’t about magic. Then I have no good inspiration.

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