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A backyard suit of armor, a Hello Kitty house, and a Portal cake platter

Come with me this Monday morning and tiptoe through the Offbeat Home Flickr Group to enjoy uploads from our readers. Another fantasy-land photo from whoisjaja’s backyard, a pretty little table setting, and dreamy photos from a drizzly Seattle day.

A Mega Man bedroom, plus cats and cameras make a C-themed shelf

This week’s Montage has a mean collection of LEGO minifigs, a super-simple kid-made table cloth, and a Mega Man level recreated on walls in excruciating detail.

Video game housewares to nerd-up a geek den

Four gamer-teasing objects for a bar, den or living room you’ll want hard.

Your wall of glass blocks is screaming to become a Tetris homage

A glass black partial wall becomes a eight foot tall video game art piece.

A party for big and small: how to throw a video game challenge

Video games long ago left the realm of just-for-kids and many Fully Grown Adults maintain healthy gaming habits. Planning a party around a game makes a fun night no matter your attendees. Read on and plan your throwdown.

Child’s Play lets you donate video games and films to kids

Child’s Play is a game industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games in our network of over 60 hospitals worldwide.

Gamer DILF with pretty, pretty hair

Welcome to this week’s installment of Offbeat Mama’s controversial exercise in friendly male objectification! This time, I present you with Andrew, who may have the prettiest hair of all the DILFs I’ve featured: Thanks to Andrew’s partner Junipur for submitting this shot to the Offbeat Mama pool. As she says, “I think he is a […]

George, the DILF who screams like a little girl

Offbeat Mama readers may remember my first post about my birth story. They may remember when I said that after seeing my first ultrasound picture, George “screamed like the little girl who got the Barbie she wanted for Christmas.” To this day, any time our little man does something amazing, cute or down right historical, […]