It's dangerous to go alone: take one of these coasters!

January 15 2013 | carolinediezyn
All images courtesy of Etsy store: LimeGreenCoconuts.

HEY, LISTEN, Homies! It's a given that Link is probably not too concerned with the care of your furniture — but that doesn't mean you can't save your coffee table from condensation with handmade Legend of Zelda-themed coasters from Etsy user LimeGreenCoconuts.


The genius use of fused perler beads evokes the pixelation from this classic game. Since each coaster has a different image from the game, these double as handy party coasters for keeping everyone's potions — I mean, drinks — straight.


  1. My dad is a huge fan of the original Legend of Zelda and he is typically impossible to shop for. I think I may have found a Father's day gift!

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