Turn an NES controller into a wallet

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Photo from Instructables

If you’ve decided to retire your old original Nintendo, think about re-purposing the controller into an awesome wallet. Instructables has a no-sew tutorial that only takes a screwdriver, pliers, glue, and a long zipper.


  • Remove the screws, circuit board, and wiring using the pliers, but leaving the ones that hold the buttons in place.
  • Use some glue to secure the underside of buttons so they don’t fall out (ruining the look!).
  • Get a zip that is long enough to go around three sides of the controller, and glue it around the inside edge of the plastic.

Head over to Instructables for photos and details on each step.

Just make sure you have a backup working controller in case you want to relive your 8-bit days again.

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  1. If one of our controllers ever decides to die, I will do this. Until then, I shall continue enjoying Kirby & Zelda for all their old-school goodness 😀

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