Mass Effect-inspiration bedroom decor

Guest post by Julie F.

From the same Homie that brought you Fallout-inspired home decor, here’s Julie F’s Mass Effect inspiration board with real-life shop-able decor.

From time to time, you’ll come across a very special book, video game, or TV series that transports you to a unique universe — and does it so well, you could believe it’s real. The screen lights on, you turn the page, or press enter, and you find yourself in a completely different place. For me, the Normandy in Mass Effect was one of these places I wish I could really travel to: chill in the lounge, have a drink with Tali and jest a bit with Garrus. So what would I need to bring a little bit of that ultra-modern relaxing vibe home with me?

Coffee table: Filippo Wenge-Color Oak Veneer Coffee Table

Lamp: Floating Square Table Lamp

Industrial mat: Buffalo Tools 3′ X 5′ Industrial Rubber Mat

Game chair: Cohesion XP 10.0 Gaming Chair

Display cabinet: Ikea Detolf Glass Curio Display Cabinet

LED Jellyfish Mood Lamp

Nightstand: Nexera Allure Night Stand

Bed: Allure Storage Bed

The Universe Wall Map

We love gamer-inspired decor! If YOU have a real or imaginary geeky-themed room we want to hear about it!

Comments on Mass Effect-inspiration bedroom decor

  1. I have the laser stars in my bedroom for my newborn daughter – we use it as a nightlight for her and entertainment for us. Absolutely LOVE it!! So pretty! So unique. I so recommend it!

  2. Everyone wants to decorate their home so nicely. Really gamer decoration is looks so nice. This blog is too good to get an idea about this. I am so glad to visit this post. Thanks for making a nice blog….

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