How to make these awesome Star Wars pegboards

My husband belongs to a Star Wars costuming group called the 501st, and I'm working on a costume so I can join, too. After going to a party at the home of another 501st member with a decked out Star Wars-themed garage, I decided that for my husband's birthday I'd give him a little Star Wars flair for our own garage. Since we have been talking about needing to organize our garage pretty much since day one, it made sense to combine Star Wars into our plans. And thus, the idea for the pegboards was born.

Find your room's color palette from within a photo

We found a really awesome way to choose wedding colors and shared it over on Offbeat Bride. But it's totally useful for choosing colors for your home, too! There are fun little tools called color generators that will extract the main colors of a photo for you, allowing you to snag and save them for your decor and wall color shopping trips.

Use a magnet to hold a nail in place and save your thumbs

I'm admittedly a little too scared about smashing my thumb when I'm using a hammer and nails. So I'm a lot excited about the ThumbSaver! It's basically a long magnet that cradles the nail while you go to town on it with a hammer. Of course, if you happen to have a long magnet, that'll do the same trick!