Bring all your groceries inside with ONE TRIP every time

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How many of you are of the “only ever take one trip” school of thought of grocery unloading? You loop shopping bags over both arms, both shoulders, and maybe even somehow rig up a grocery-bag-backpack. No matter how heavy that load is, you will carry in all 28 grocery bags in one load!

If this is you, then you know why I’m so into the One Trip Grocery Bag Holder.

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Usually I’m not so much about unitasking household tools, but this one is too brilliant to overlook. The one pictured above is sold out, but there’s a different version available and you can get 4 for $15!

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  1. I have to admit the only reason I actually use reusable grocery bags is because they’re just so much easier to carry! Also, they hold a lot more. I’d like to say I do it for the environment, but that would likely be lying.

    So I’ll probably pass on this, just to make sure I actually keep using the reusable bags!

    • We use reusable bags for the same reason – but we have about 12 of them, and still manage to carry 3 or 4 heavy bags. per hand at a time. This is definitely something in our future!

    • Oh my, THIS. I adore my reusable grocery bags that can hold SO MUCH STUFF without ripping! Plus, longer handles mean I can sling some over my shoulder instead of carrying everything with just my weak lil’ hands.

  2. I seriously laughed at this, that is most definitely me! My husband is happy to do four or five trips back and forwards to the car but if it’s up to me I MUST bring everything inside at once, including that 20 pack of toilet rolls, plastic wrapping clenched between my teeth. Stupid but true.

    • MissCherry, I don’t think it is stupid at all. One of the most useful things I’ve ever learned was to maximize my trips. I learned it waiting tables, but it is dead useful in so many other applications. For instance, I live in the country now, and gas is expensive, yo, so I maximize trips. If I have to come to town for work, I also go to the grocery and get gas, and also one stop at the hardware store (for instance.) If you live in a two story house with a spouse and kids, combining your trips up and down will make SO much difference…you’re going downstairs, so you take a load of laundry and those two things that need to go to the garage with you. Then coming back up, bringing toys that the kids left down there, socks that were by the door, and the electric frying pan you need for dinner, but cannot store in your tiny kitchen, so it live downstairs. See my logic? Combining trips and making as few trips as possible RULEZ. Also touching things as few times as possible, like mail…junk mail gets tossed the minute I get in the door with the mail. I sort it right then and there, toss the junk, the bills get dated and put in the bill box, bank statements and other things that need saving go to the file pile (I admit I touch filing twice…bad me)

    • I miss the THIS button, because THIS. toilet paper in teeth and everything. My least favorite shopping trips are the ones where there is a gallon jug of milk, another one one of cider and a jug of laundry detergent because there’s no way to manage all of that with two hands!

  3. You know, I have never been a One-Tripper. I view it as free cardio. Back and forth, from the car, to the cabinets. I’ve always lived WITH One-Trippers, though. And having something like this would definitely beat swallowing my annoyance at getting my arms loaded up by an overzealous One-Tripper.

    • Dootsie fan here.. I often do unnecessary multiple trips at work to get away from my desk and get the blood flowing. Since having a kid, I have turned into a one-tripper at home.

    • I’m totally with you on this. Part of it is because I’m so mentally disorganized, but also I like the opportunity to get moving; I hate exercise, so I have to get it where I can 😉

    • I consider shopping the cardio and, just as I do when I finish at the gym, it’s time to get the HELL home and forget anything ever happened.

  4. This is me! The only time we have soda in our house is when my husband shops because it’s too heavy to go up to our third floor apartment and carry all of my other groceries at the same time.

    I have a whole method of how to hold my keys so that I don’t have to put things down to open the door.

    • You know what I love about registries? First of all, that you don’t have to buy the item for yourself. BUT SECONDLY, I love to -shop- other people’s registries. I continually find things that I didn’t even know existed, or realize that I, too, have been living without this whole time.
      You’re about to share the knowledge of this device with all of your guests. And they, too, will marvel at its existence!

  5. There used to be a similar as-seen-on-TV product (name forgotten, sorry) but did not have the pretty colors – probably cost more, too. I must get these.

  6. Totally didn’t order three >.> <.< ok yeah I did. We use cloth bags but still have trouble carrying everything from "big" shopping up to our 2nd floor apartment. Got one for my mama who lives alone and doesn't have anyone to help her carry groceries and one for some friends who take the bus everywhere, too.

  7. This would be a great solution to store your reusable bags all in one place after putting the groceries away, ready to grab and go for the next trip.

    I LOVE my shopping bags, but I always seem to forget them when I need them most, or they’re scattered everywhere in the house and I can only grab one or two when I have to run out the door.

  8. For me, making ONE trip is very important, I live on a mountain side, I have to hike up my hill from where I park to my cabin, it’s not a huge climb, until you have a load or two of groceries. Sometimes I’ll take the perishables (cold items and such) and leave some of it in the car and make hubby collect it, or I’ll bring it all up as far as I can, until my fingers are about cut in two, then I’ll drop the can goods or other heavy bags and make hubby collect them.

    This is something I could certainly use.


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