Find your room’s color palette from within a photo

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We found a really awesome way to choose wedding colors and shared it over on Offbeat Bride. But it’s totally useful for choosing colors for your home, too! It’s actually really similar to this favorite color post and this nerdy fandom palette post. There are fun little tools called color generators that will extract the main colors of a photo for you, allowing you to snag and save them for your decor and wall color shopping trips.

One of our favorites is the generator from, which gives you the colors in two versions: muted and bright, depending on what you’re going for. Just upload your inspiration photo and see what colors get generated.

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  1. It didn’t work for me. =( Everything just came up black. I did let the company know, but I wonder if it’s my computer, which is acting strangely the past few days. Bummer

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