Use a magnet to hold a nail in place and save your thumbs

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I’m admittedly a little too scared about smashing my thumb when I’m using a hammer and nails. So I’m a lot excited about the ThumbSaver! It’s basically a long magnet that cradles the nail while you go to town on it with a hammer. Of course, if you happen to have a long magnet, that’ll do the same trick!

But for under $10, I think I might invest in this product and save me from flinching like a jackass every time I hang a photo!

What are YOUR hacks for hammering a nail and keeping your precious thumbs unharmed?

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  1. I use clothespins for the same purpose. (Plus a variety of other uses around the house.) But the magnet thing might be good for smaller nails.

    Also, I have a set of magnetized screwdrivers for help with screws.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: NOT for use on computers or other electrical equipment!

    • Clothespins were my most recent “BASKETS!” moment. I needed more chip clips and was looking at a pack of 4 for $2.99 when my brain said, “NO! Clothespins!” And I found a pack of 50 (FIFTY!) for $1.29. Dead useful for everything! And they are fun for crafting with. We made reindeer in kindergarten out of 3 clothespins, felt, glitter and some googly eyes. So cute.

  2. I haven’t tried it, but I saw on Pinterest that you can use a comb to hold the nail in place.

    I usually just tap the nail really lightly until it holds itself in. Danger-free!

  3. My dad (a maintenance man who has been hammering things for 30+ years)’s response: “Don’t hit your thumb. Or get somebody else to do it.”

    But for wimps like me, this is pretty epic.

  4. My dad taught me to hold nails against the wall between my index and middle fingers with my fingernails against the wall and tap gently until they hold. If you miss the nail then the pad of your fingernail absorbs the impact and you won’t do yourself any proper damage.

    My flatmate prefers to use a little plastic gizmo that came in a furniture flatpack many moons ago – it does allow you to use the more precise pinch grip and keep a firmer hold on things.

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