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Guard against lockouts: stick a lockpicker’s card in your wallet

Stash one of these babies in your wallet, and never get locked out again.

I mean, provided you have any idea how to use lockpicking tools. No? Me neither. Luckily Adafruit has our back with a video on getting started with the lockpick card.

Level up: How to spraypaint well

You have to practice spray painting. This came as a surprise to me, my sophomore year of college, my first year of art school, when I was trying to spray paint my Piet Mondrian-inspired birdhouse for Intro to 3D Design on the sidewalk outside my dorm during a very cold March. I guess I thought spray paint was magic — that it automated the process of painting — but I found out that wasn’t true, and that I didn’t know how to use spray paint at all.

Many projects later, I am a master spraypainter. I paint coatracks and shoes and art work and bones, and I really think this is one of the most valuable DIY skills I have. Being able to finish up a spray paint job with no drips or ripples can make the difference between a ruined project and one I LOVE. Having a good grasp of this skill means anything in my house can be ANY EFFING COLOR I WANT.

Let me teach you the right way to use a can of spray paint.

I want this mustached juice machine man

He is genius. Pop him in a fat orange, turn the handle (to rip up the fruit’s precious guts…it’s hard for me to stop anthropomorphizing) and sip!

Mmmmmm, orange guts!

The ultimate list of new homeowner “must haves” to launch your fresh life

My dude and I just bought a house, and we’re moving up from only owning what fit in our car. Now: what, exactly, will we need?

Transform normal yogurt into magical Greek yogurt with a simple, really cheap DIY strainer

Like your yogurt thick and creamy, but don’t like the price of luxury brands like Fage? It’s super simple to make a no-effort strainer — and your own awesome yogurt.

Repair as rebellion

Check it: the DIY movement can help us learn to cut our consumption and make more conscientious buying decisions.

Use these room planning tools to test ideas before committing to a zebra-striped dance den

Let’s jam on online design tools — they’re SUPER helpful when you’re planning decor, because how else are you going to figure out how to make your furry bean bag collection compliment a bright pink Space Invaders wall?