“Hack things better” with Sugru air-curing rubber

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51yZPvDduFLLet me introduce you to one of my favorite products ever made: Sugru air-curing rubber. I bought this as a gift for my father, but then wound up needing it so I opened that nifty silver package and never looked back. Sorry, Dad!

It was out of stock on Amazon for a while, but it’s back now. I figured I’d introduce my Homies to one of my favorite things.

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Basically what happened was that my laptop charger became victim to my small dog. My small dog won, and the charger casing was broken and wires were just chilling out in the open. So I broke open the Sugru package and did exactly what you see on the photos above. Instead of using electrical tape (which kept unravelling) I just formed some of the putty around the cord, and boom! Good as new and electrocution safe.

Sugru is hand-formable, sticks to almost anything, air-cures at room temperature, forming a strong, flexible silicone rubber seal overnight. And once it’s cured, it’s totally waterproof! It’s perfect for repairing things, or hacking non-broken things to make them even better.

I’d love to see what uses you guys could come up with for this awesome stuff. Head over to Amazon and grab it while you can for $21.50.

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  1. Haha, funny that you bring this up–my husband was talking about this last night, actually, and I had no idea to what he was referring. I thought he meant “shoe goo”–some kind of product that my mom had suggested for fixing my brother-in-law’s holey shoes. This makes way more sense! This stuff looks like a great product to get–I can think of a handful of places I could use it.

  2. It’s amazing. I broke the handle of a brand new mug (the Van Gogh exploding TARDIS mug from ThinkGeek, to boot!) and reworked a Sugru handle. I may or may not now refer to it as my raggedy mug…..but it’s totally dishwasher safe (top rack) and I wash it at least 3 times a week.

  3. Sugru is great! Our friend Chris introduced us to it. We had a leak in our car’s roof because the previous owner had removed a fitting. He popped some Sugru over it and voila, no more leak, and it just so happened that the colour of the Sugru matched our car!

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