Grilling multi-tool let’s you grill like a boss

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Stake - Grilling Multi ToolJust in time for summer, this “great idea of the day” is in honor of the 4th of July. Rock your summer BBQs with this badass grilling multi-tool!

This all-in-one BBQ tool transforms from spatula to fork to tongs and back again. Flip burgers, grip chicken legs, and spike sausages without breaking a sweat. The smooth leaf spring mechanism makes the tongs easy to control. The handles can be locked together in a quick motion, enabling you to flip the nearest burger before it’s too late. And possibly the coolest feature, stab a hot dog with the fork and then slide the fork back into Stake, pushing the dog on to the nearest bun with NO HANDS, MA!

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  1. This is brilliant because I HATE having to keep the grill fork around. Our grill set actually looks exactly like this with the thick wooden handles, but it’s three pieces. Using the spatula and tongs isn’t bad, but the fork is always just… there. In the way.

  2. It looks like it would be a bear to clean. I have visions of dead bits of burger and carbon getting stuck forever in those little grooves.

  3. I actually just bought this monster for my dad for his birthday.!!! We’re talking somewhere in the area of 18 inches plus.

    It would have to lay flat on a rack if you tried to wash it in the dishwasher but the wood doesn’t feel sealed so I don’t know that I would recommend that. Seems very sturdy though.

    The actual spatula portion is really good sized and spaced well from the grooves so I don’t anticipate random food bits in there. The fork portion is a little stiff and hard to move though. I’m hopeful it will loosen up with use.

    Haven’t actually used it yet but bonus points for having “This would be the BBQ tool Tony Stark would use” on the tag! 🙂

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