Protect yourself with a kitty cat keychain… with claws

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This cat self-defense keychain is fierce! REALLY fierce. Slip your fingers through the holes and the kitty cat becomes a close-proximity defense tool.


Kitty Keychain Self Defense Device Book of Joe

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  1. My initial reaction is “Neat! Good idea to combine practicality with cuteness!”

    However – I think I remember being told in a quickie self-defense course that by the time would-be predators get that close that you could use one of those tools, they are TOO close (well, they were discussing the trick of slipping your keys between your knuckles, but the concept is the same).

    Anyone knowledgeable in self-defense that can comment on that to lay the debate to bed?

    • I slip my keys into prime position anytime when I’m walking solo (or just walking), not just when there’s trouble on the horizon. Obviously no-one wants an attacker to get close enough that you have to use this strategy, but should they sneak attack then having a cute but effective fend technique is awesome.

  2. While I initially thought this might be a good idea, I worry about the quality of the product. It seems to me the plastic ears would break off far too easily, while if you hold your keys between your hands, those break far less easily and inflict more damage. (As a side note, I took several years of martial arts and I live in a big city…)

    I’m going out there looking for a fight, but when I’m walking home late at night, I often take out my keys and put them between my fingers, just in case.

    Anyway as far as the “attacker being too close” – That’s why you have a weapon primed and ready! Society has trained women to be submissive and opt for the least violent path, but when it comes to your survival, I hope all you ladies are aggressive about it, because it’s important. I don’t carry my keys between my fingers all the time when I’m out, but I do if it’s after dark and I’m alone (it’s not that attackers don’t come at you in the daytime, but more people are out that can help you if you start screaming your head off).

    That less-than-cheery subject aside, the keychains are super cute and I would probably buy one if it were made of metal.

    • I just bought one of these for myself, my sister, and each of my girlfriends. The plastic seems pretty strong. Not too thin or flimsy at all. It’s 1/8 of an inch thick, and I think it would take a lot of force to break. I don’t think it’s leathal, but it would at least do enough damage to allow someone to get away if they’re attacked.

  3. I have trained in martial arts, though I’m not (yet) a black belt, so take this advice with a grain or two of salt. I personally would not use this.

    Legality and practicality. Some areas have tight restrictions on self-defense devices, and I think I would be more likely to have it confiscated at a building checkpoint or something than to use it when attacked. Also, I imagine that if it is sharp enough to do any damage, I would only end up stabbing myself or ripping my pocket or purse lining.

    Limited usefulness: I really don’t think that this would be an effective weapon. As Lex mentioned in the comment above, this would only even come into play in very close quarters, hand to hand. By the time an attack gets to that point, I would rather have my hands open and free. Also, this is designed for a pretty straight forward punch. And though I admit I’ve never actually tested one, it looks like it would put my hand in an awkward position for punching. Having something hard around my hand like that just seems to be inviting a broken finger.

    Training: Like any other device or weapon, you would need to train and practice a bit to use this effectively. My concern is that it’s being offered as a “just buy it and be safer” device.

    I am a big proponent of women’s self-defense. So much so that I really debated whether or not I should post this. I don’t want to be discouraging. In my experience, the biggest obstacle to overcome in self-defense preparedness is just the willingness to fight. Many people freeze when attacked, or panic. Women especially are taught to be polite and not fight. If this device makes you feel more able and willing to fight back, then I think it could be worth it.

    In the end, I think I would rather see women get trained to use their bodies effectively for self protection. I have actually been attacked twice. Once was a fairly violent, aggressive, grab-you-from-behind-outta-nowhere type which I fended off mainly by kicking (like a mule, no finesse whatsoever.) The other was much less in-your-face: a hug-cuddle-grope that didn’t look like an attack to bystanders. I was able to execute a pivot and throw (well, shove) maneuver to get free. The second actually took more of my martial arts training. Someone accused me of over-reacting, but I knew I was being accosted and that I had the right to protect myself. It is important to remember that a great deal of violence against women is perpetrated by someone known to them.

    Tl:dr Don’t buy, take a class instead.

    • Excellent points. I bought this for myself, fam, and friends. On the sale site, it says that this product cannot be shipped to certain states because of laws pertaining to knuckle weapons. There was also a disclaimer with the packaging warning owners to know and follow the laws in their state that pertain to this type of weaponry. I don’t know how likely it is that it would be confiscated because up close it doesn’t look like a weapon, just a cutesy key chain. It’s definitely made for a woman. I can get my fingers through the holes okay, but my dad and husband couldn’t get it past their middle knuckles. And I can still form a fist with it on, enough to throw a good punch. I agree that it’s best for owners to have training to know how to use it effectively though; I have basic self-defense training. In short, I hope I never have to use it, but if I do, I think it would make at least enough impact to allow me to get away and to safety.

  4. I think they’re adorable and commendable, for those who are vigilant. I’m the first to admit, I’m really not. I don’t “have a weapon primed and ready,” partially because I live in a safe-ish place, and I’m watchful. But mostly because carrying a weapon makes me feel like I’m in more danger than when I don’t. I know ignorance isn’t bliss, but this gets into my whole theory on violence, which is complicated…

  5. I remember a quickie self-defense course telling me not to put keys between my knuckles as it would be highly likely to injure my hand (with equal and opposite reactions and all) as it would an attacker. However, if you can get a good enough stab in to run away and get help, that’s just perfect! I was told if you have a lot of keys or other pointy things on your keychain, if you can use like a whip to the eyes of the assailant, that’ll usually provide enough time to get help.

  6. I have seen one of these and it is a very solid piece of plastic. I haven’t carried pepper spray or anything for a long time but now I’m interested in Aikido which redirects the force from attackers away from you so anyone at almost any strength level can defend themselves.
    This would be a good secondary defense, as well.

  7. I totally have one of these! I end up having to walk some sketchy areas at night so I always have this in my hand, in my pocket, just in case. I have never had to use it though. I’m hoping that means I’m just as intimidating as I feel.

  8. I am a RETIRED LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER, I have given dozens of these away as “gifts” for girls going away to college . I made sure sure the young ladies understood that these ARE NOT TOYS. If you stick one in your boyfriend, your boyfriends ex-girlfriend, your boyfriends new girlfriend or a “bitch fight in a bar you would be charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. A major felony with major problems.

    About 8 years ago I gave one to a good friends daughter with the above warnings and the instructions TO ALWATS PLACE TOUR FINGERS IN THE EYE HOLES AT ALL TIMES, A CRIMINAL WILL NOT GIVE YOU THE TIME TO GET YOU KAT INTO THE PROPER POSITION. AS TERAN EXITED HER VEHICLE SHE HAD HE KAT ON HER RIGHT HAND AND HER HANDS FULL OF GROCERY BAGS. Teran is 5′ 10″ and excellent condition. A 6′ 4” man grabbed her in a bear hug and tried to drag her towards his vehicle. Teran dropped her bags and pressed an ear of the Kat into the underside of his left arm pushed hard and deep causing a deep laceration almost to his elbow. As he released her gripping his arm she reared back striking him in the face and according to the police almost ripped his nose and upper lip off. The next day my phone rang all day with police officers wanting to know where they could get Kats.
    The man that attacked Teran is doing 140 years in prison for her assault and 4 more rapes…..BE PREPARED, THERE IS EVIL IN THIS WORLD! Dave

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