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The Final Fantasy kitchen swords are the ultimate weapons for every chef

If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy, or if you’ve ever imagined chopping lettuce with sword like a bad-ass mo-fo, or if you just love watching people be crafty as fuck, then you’ll LOVE this video…

Anchor’s aweigh and into your home with these nautical housewares

Got a house near a lake or beach? Or do you wish you did? Or maybe you just love sailing and ocean creatures. Let’s celebrate our love of the sea with this nautical-themed shopping roundup…

Whales, ships, tentacles, and mermaids! My new shower curtain rules

I’ve had my eye on Danica Studio “Odyssey” Shower Curtain for months, but it’s always been sold out. (For obvious reasons of fucking awesomeness.) But it came back in stock recently and I jumped on it. I’m super excited that I did.

Before and after bathroom: Orange octopus-style

Ever since I talked about how octopodes make great towel holders, I’ve been wanting to see more tentacles in your bathrooms. Well, Homie Sara came through by uploading photos of her awesome octopus-themed bathroom makeover to our Flickr pool.

Reader Round-up: Puppies, tentacles, home decor, and LA picnics

Remember Offbeat Home’s reader round-ups? I’m bringing it back y’all! We finally have enough Homies submitting enough pics to our Offbeat Home Flickr pool to do more round-ups now and then. Included in this round-up we have a good idea to help change your eating habits, a kitchen moment that makes me particularly happy, more bathroom tentacles, and a peak into how I spent this past weekend…

Cthulhus like to wind down, too: tentacle wall decal for your tub

This tentacle wall decal from StickerBrand makes a good argument for sharing your bathtub with cephalopods and their ilk. Available in an amazing range of colours, these bothria can attack any bathroom decor.

Shiny Monsters for some goth-y nautical inspiration

Artist Adam Wallacavage’s show at the Philadelphia Art Alliance features his 16th-Century Baroque and gothic-inspired monster lamps, and Homies: you’re gonna wanna see it. What do you think of these monstrously gorgeous chandeliers, Homies?

Daring duvet covers that’ll revolutionize your bedroom

If you’re looking to add a little oomph to your bedroom, I’m gonna go ahead and say that you need to check out these awesome bed spreads. (By the way, most of these duvet covers also have matching shower curtains and pillows.) Hot decor made easy, folks…