Shiny Monsters for some goth-y nautical inspiration

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Artist Adam Wallacavage’s show at the Philadelphia Art Alliance features his 16th-Century Baroque and gothic-inspired monster lamps, and Homies: you’re gonna wanna see it. Here’s a taste:


Head over here to see more, and let us know what you think of these monstrously gorgeous chandeliers.

Comments on Shiny Monsters for some goth-y nautical inspiration

  1. Wow so many amazing chandliers. We focused a lot of interesting light fixtures when decorating our home. I love the gothy beauty of them and the Kuromi one is super cute.

  2. I. Want. One.

    I now make it my life goal to make one for myself. I bet I could ombre the color too for a really cool effect. Actually, I may just have to buy a house just to make one for every single freaking room. These are friggin gorgeous.

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