Reader Round-up: Puppies, tentacles, home decor, and LA picnics

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Remember Offbeat Home’s reader round-ups? I’m bringing it back y’all! We finally have enough Homies submitting pics to our Offbeat Home Flickr pool to do more round-ups now and then.

Screen shot 2013-04-28 at 3.51.39 PMI’m kicking this off with a cute photo of a Boston Terrier puppy. Or as Lily! titled it, “In other news, Ed had a swing today.”

Included in this round-up we have a good idea to help change your eating habits, a kitchen moment that makes me particularly happy, more bathroom tentacles, and a peek into how I spent this past weekend…

Dining RoomRemember Jacquelinamy’s post about how her definition of “home” has evolved? Well, so have her eating habits…

I tried to make our dining room enticing to get us out of the habit of eating in front of the TV.

above the kitchen sinkLet’s take a peek at this “moment” above Justpaintitred’s kitchen sink. “Dwarf Meyer lemon tree, Greek Madonna, demon bottle opener, and daily snark.” Looks like someone dug my wall-mounted bottle opener post. This makes me happy.

tentaclesRemember when we featured tentacle wall decals for your tub? Our resident queen of nerdy DIY home upgrades, Sarakenobi, painted these on her bathroom wall freehand after seeing them in their vinyl version.

bathroom squidShe then painted this guy…

My son loves squids, so I surprised him by painting this on the cupboard above our toilet.

Screen shot 2013-04-28 at 4.13.01 PMOh my, what is this… I don’t even… Derek Powazek who shared with us his awesome Star Wars planters shows off something else from his garden in a photo entitled “Lookit the size of that thing!” I <3 his shirt.

Hanging with a fellow freelance blogger. You can tell us by the hair. (Re-gram from @betsywantsmoore)
I’ll end this roundup with a little self-indulgence. This is how I spent my glorious LA weekend: Celebrating a friend’s birthday with a hike around the Hollywood reservoir followed by a picnic at Lake Hollywood Park. You know… drinking alcoholic beverages out of Mason jars, eating home-made muffaletta sandwiches, kale and quinoa salads, watermelon slices, and carrot cake in a jar. My contribution: vodka lime-aid and Girl Scout cookies, of course.

How did you spend YOUR weekend? Updating your home? Picnicking? Crafting? Playing with puppies? Upload photos from your offbeat home and life in our Flickr pool for another round-up.

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  1. we have a boston terrier too 🙂 but she is old and crotchety!
    and I spent my weekend working at my NEW JOB in a local library!

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