The Final Fantasy kitchen swords are the ultimate weapons for every chef

Updated Oct 12 2015

final fantasy sword kitchen knives

My lovely friend — the newly engaged Brittany — won a "Super Fan Builds" contest. (You might remember them from the Groot swing that went viral.)

Nominated by her fiancé Matt for being a huge fan of the Final Fantasy game franchise, Brittany won this set of miniature swords (Sephiroth's Masamune, Cloud's Buster Sword, Squall's Gunblade, and Auron's Katana) that are actually kitchen knives. And they're all set in an Ultros knife block!

If you're a fan of Final Fantasy, or if you've ever imagined chopping lettuce with sword like a bad-ass mo-fo, or if you just love watching people be crafty as fuck, then you'll LOVE this video…

I've seen this whole thing in person, and — even though I know shit-all about Final Fantasy — it's really impressive. The gun sword was my favorite. Actually, the Ultros knife holder is my favorite, because you know how much I love tentacles in the home!

  1. OH. MAH. GAHD! I loooooooooooove Final Fantasy so much (seriously my husband teases me about it all the GD-time). WHERE DO I GET THIS?!

  2. Christ on a cracker that is utterly amazeballs. Also how did I not know about this show until now? I'm already a big fan of Man at Arms, and clearly this show is put together by the same people (the music is the same!).
    Well, there goes my afternoon lol.

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