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Octopodes make great towel holders

I love the idea of putting hooks on an octopus mural to make it look like you have a super helpful sea creature holding your stuff for you! Octopode butlers for all!

DIY shower curtain: draw a squid on it!

The moment I saw Lara (of “geeky love” wedding invitation fame)’s DIYed squid shower curtain, I just HAD to get my tentacles on it for Home. Not only did she let us feature it, but she gave y’all an awesome hand-drawn how-to. Cuteness ahoy!

Giant squid engulfs bedroom, and I’m jealous

Anita Roll Murals created an amazing giant squid mural that wraps around the entire room. She described this work as, “Giant squid engulfs this little boy’s room with playful tentacles. A little over the top yes… but why not?”

Weekend challenge results: Team Cupcake vs. Team Unicorn

Last Thursday, we posted the first of what we hope will be many Offbeat Homies Weekend Challenges. We gave readers a choice of two DIY challenges: nerdy cupcakes with sanding sugar, or faux taxidermied unicorn heads.

Well, the results are in, and no surprise that they are fucking awesome! We’ve got tentacles, TARDIS blue EXTERMINATE cupcakes, a pet rat, and wait until you see the jackalope…

Put a tentacle on it: 7 octopodes you need in your home

This week I’ve seen octopodes making a surge in popularity online, which is totally fine with me, cause I’ve been a long-time fan of cephalopods. I think every house could benefit from the grace and creepiness of an octopus.

Undersea creature Christmas ornaments (including a Seussian fish, and a sexy merman)

My Christmas decorations are all ocean-themed. The santa on our stocking isn’t on a sleigh, but paddling a canoe, our tree is covered in shells and ocean critters, and our color scheme is turquoise, green, and silver. So, I set out to find some of the best ocean-themed Christmas tree ornaments out there — and came away with a big haul, all sea creatures, some more fantastical than others.

Adam Wallacavage’s high drama light fixtures with Hello Kitty, octopus, and deer

You’ve probably seen Adam Wallacavage’s octopus chandeliers floating around the ‘net before — photos of them have made the rounds for a while now. I was happy to stumble over his other sculptures this week — and I kind of love them even more.