Whales, ships, tentacles, and mermaids! My new shower curtain rules

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photo 5I just got this new shower curtain and I LOOOOOVE it, so I had to share it with y’all.

I’ve had my eye on ModCloth’s Swell Acquainted Shower Curtain for months, but it’s always been sold out. (For obvious reasons of fucking awesomeness.) But now it’s available and even cheaper on Amazon. Had I but known!

It’s a little more expensive any any other shower curtain I’ve purchased, but I have my reasons why it was worth it.

First of all, look at the cute bag that it comes in:

I'm totally re-using the HELL out of this!
I’m totally re-using the HELL out of this!

Now, check out this before and after action:

Screen shot 2013-04-30 at 7.32.53 PM

This is actually part of the view I have from my side of the bed. So when I’m laying there, trying not to get up and go to work for the Empire, I now have an ocean view! Expensive shower curtain TOTALLY worth it!

So now, two questions remain:

  1. Who wants to be shower curtain twins with me? Quick! Head over here before it sells out again.
  2. What do I do with my old white shower curtain? It’s perfectly clean… just perfectly dull.

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  1. You could use pieces of the old shower curtain as backing for throw pillows. Use some other, funkier fabric for the front. Or cut it to size/shape and hem it into a table cloth. You could probably get more than one table cloth out of it if they’re for end tables/cafe-size tables. Or make it into napkins for fancy dinners. Last resort: painting drop cloth or rags.

  2. If you like picnicking or other outside-on-a-blanket activities, consider reusing your shower curtain as a waterproof mat for your picnic blanket. I love lying in the grass in the park in spring time reading a book, but with all the spring showers the grass is often wet. Boom! Shower curtain blanket liner.

  3. Somewhat off topic: are there two shower curtains in the ‘before picture? Like, the white one AND a clear plastic one behind it? Is this normal in the US? What a great idea to keep the pretty curtain mould free!

    • Yeah, it’s pretty common, especially in regions with lots of humidity — the plastic can also get moldy, but they are really sturdy and stand up to being washed in HOT FUCKING WATER to kill the mold and then dried in the sun. (I hate them, because the plastic kind of sticks to itself when it’s damp, and makes a horrible noise when you peel the bits apart, but I’m really aurally sensitive sometimes.)

    • Ah, I was WAITING for someone to ask about that.

      I could get away with one plastic curtain inside the shower. (I never considered the mold issue actually!) But, since I need the extra storage space, I hang my ironing board on the wall space to the right of the stall shower.

      That way I cover that ugly hanging board AND make it look like I have a much bigger shower than I actually do. 😉

  4. My god, the comments on this post are just as interesting as the post it self, now I wonder what I’ve missed by not reading every single comment on OH&L! … And I’ve got three new items on my list to buy before moving in July… Yay!

  5. Gosh, I love that curtain deeply and emotionally…I was just struck with the desire to decorate our bathroom in a subtle Harry Potter theme, though, so it might have to wait.

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