Cthulhus like to wind down, too: tentacle wall decal for your tub

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This tentacle wall decal from StickerBrand makes a good argument for sharing your bathtub with cephalopods and their ilk. Available in an amazing range of colours, these bothria can attack any bathroom decor.


The decals are just peel-and-stick and are available in different sizes and removable (no-damage decor, ahoy!).


I think is the perfect decor for reading some H. P. Lovecraft in the tub. What do you think, Homies?

Comments on Cthulhus like to wind down, too: tentacle wall decal for your tub

  1. I wish i had a wall behind my bathtub for this (ours is tiled shower/bath in one)
    However I did contemplate using the tentacle stickers behind our babies crib in the new nursery I am designing right now!
    Imagine tentacles coming out of the top of the crib – awesome

  2. I love these. I’m going to have to consider getting one of these when I move next weekend. I want to decorate the walls, but no painting allowed, so I thought wall decals could be really fun. I just can’t remember what the bathroom in the apartment looks like…it might not quite work with the setup. Fingers crossed!

  3. I’m doing a nautical themed bathroom and while I have a tile wall behind the shower I do have a big blank wall on the opposite side. And by nautical themed I mean sea monsters and star maps rather than anchors and buoys. I definitely plan on getting that decal. 🙂

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