Awesome coffee tables made from two large wooden blocks

Guest post by Andrea Hazard
Finished coffee tables from recycled wood!

Using leftover wood block samples from my office and custom hairpin legs from Etsy, I made these two small tables. Together they are now my new coffee table. Here’s how the DIY project went down…

The original blocks in my office.
The blocks, pre sanding, pre varnathane, pre transporting home. These things are heavy.

I heart etsy
Etsy shop Hairpinner made me these custom, 10-inch legs (eight in total).

Manly work
Playing with power tools is fun, but even simple projects have learning curves I have realized. Attaching the legs was a bit tricky because of the angle of the legs and the placement of the holes on the attachment plates.

Finished coffee tables from recycled wood!
Bonus Fun fact: This project actually took ages. Lots of time between many many coats of varathane, and sanding, and then waiting for the legs to arrive. But worth it. I love my tables!

Comments on Awesome coffee tables made from two large wooden blocks

  1. Those are great! My boyfriend and I have been wanting to DIY our own coffee table with hairpin legs for some time now, I’m totally checking out that etsy sellers leg options now!

  2. These are so great! I was actually just thinking the other day that my coffee table is so bulky and takes up so much room in my living room. These can be pulled around and even used as end tables. So simple and brilliant.

    • Thanks! 🙂

      Let me tell you a little story about the table they *replaced.* It had a lightly padded top in faux leather, and it lifted up with storage inside. Plus a lower shelf. Heavy, dark wood. BUT, whatever that damn material was on top was the absolutely worst dust/dirt collecting vinyl you ever saw. No matter how often i cleaned it, it was gross. I don’t normally HATE a piece of furniture, but i hated that thing. I put it on the curb and it got snatched up immediately, but i really felt like taking an axe to it.

      THESE are SO much nicer in the space.

  3. I just want to thank you for admitting that it took you a long time. I see so many awesome projects on here, and everyone always says how quickly they do them (“I did it all in a day!”) and then I look at how long it takes me to do the smallest little projects (weeks, often!) and I just despair at my poor DIY abilities. So THANK YOU! You make me feel more normal. 🙂 Oh yeah, and painting/staining/coating takes FOREVER, because you have to let it dry in between coats, so that’s often a day between coats, and for something with at least 3 coats that’s at least 4 days just to paint it and let it dry finally! Not to mention the sanding and fixing of said paint and putting it together in the first place. Sigh. Awesome tables, though. 🙂

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