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Ottoman makeover from old and busted to new colorful hotness

Friend of the Empire, Joriel recently shared with us her awesome ottoman/toybox makeover. The top part of the ottoman bore the brunt of the problems. So she reupholstered the top and used fabric paint on the bottom.

Monday Moment: the bright green piano version

Holy crap, check out andibob909’s refinished bright-as-fuck green piano in the living room! More than just the gorgeous, eye-catching upright piano, I love this whole living room set up…

How to take your living room from “man cave” to “girly”

The apartment I’d like to have is the following: girly and pretty with soft colours — what a dream. Unfortunately, my apartment looks closer to a man cave than Jenni’s pretty apartment. How do I work around these comfy, yet quite masculine, black leather couches to create something girly?

Yarn-pocalypse: Boring corner overhaul

Big fuzzy yarn-fluffy thanks to Honolulu Homie Lauren for uploading this color orgy of a moment into our Flickr pool. Or as she referred to it… “Yarn-pocalypse: Boring corner overhaul.” The moment I saw it pop up like rainbow magic in our Flickr pool, I just had to know more… paintings, dinosaurs, what’s hanging up over the kitchen pass through!? Amazing. And Lauren was more than happy to tell us all about her moment.

Monday Moment: 1 weird couch, 1 bright wall, and 11 pillows

Moments can be awesome, even if they’re casually arranged! This one from frequent Home Flickr Pool contributor, Mareike Scharmer looks scattered, but it sure as hell looks awesome. One chair + 11 pillows + a crazy-ass accent wall = I LOVE THIS SHIT!

Color blocked, Mondrian-style, Skittles-paletted mid-century home decor

I am losing my shit over this impeccably restored period home in Denver, Colorado. Not only is the home a mid-century modern dream, but it’s been decorated — inside AND out — in color-blocked, Mondrian-style, using a Skittles palette colors of bright reds, yellows, greens, and oranges.

If you’d like to be schooled on color-block decor, come drool all the fuck over this 1952 ranch home.

How to make a large L-shaped couch take up less space in a room

My cousins recently moved from California to Texas. They say “everything’s bigger in Texas” but that wasn’t true for their living room. The large L-shaped sofa that fit perfectly in their last living room was taking up the ENTIRE living space. Luckily for them my interior decorator mother lives near by, and she came over to see what could be done about the situation, without having to buy a new couch.

Monday Moment: an impractical nook turned design moment

Drew’s new apartment came with neat little nook that was too small to be fully functional but to big to be ignored. So he created this awesome moment, complete with unusually rockin’ “flowers.”