The cutest Blythe doll-inspired living room you’ll ever see

Guest post by laced.candy

I know some of y’all are Blythe doll fans, so when we found Janie’s photo of her Blythe-y throw pillows and leafy wallpaper, I knew we needed to know more about this room and all the things in it…

All photos by laced.candy

We just redecorated and we had to do it on a budget. So I found a very cheap wallpaper on eBay — I thought it had a vintage look about it. My husband wasn’t so sure about it, but once it was up he loved it.


Speaking of love… These ceramic love letters were bought from a High Street shop but they fitted in nicely with my vintage things.

Hand Mirror Frames

I bought these Hand Mirror Frames in the sale at Urban Outfitters.

Blythe Doll Boutique Cushion by EmmaMount

The lovely Emma Mount makes and sells these gorgeous cushion covers on Etsy. Everyone who visits loves our cushions, I just have to keep my sons grubby little mitts off them, which isn’t easy because he likes to look at the faces! You can find Emma’s Blythe creations and her other lovely things here.

This mirror was gold, and used to be in my dressing room, but I transformed it with some teal paint. I had also bought a set of ceramic swallows from a lady on eBay, but one of them had a chip, so she sent me a replacement. The swallow on the mirror is the one with the chip — I repainted it and stuck it to the mirror. It just looks like it was always part of it now!

Teacup lamp

The teacup lamp is from Next believe it or not! They have a new range called English Eccentrics and it’s part of that. And I bought these pretty sketch books from Paperchase years ago and have yet to use them. I love the illustrated fabric covers.


We haven’t finished this room yet, there’s a lot more to add but I’m happy with the way it is looking so far.

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