Wine crate coffee table

Remember when I introduced you to using wine crates as shelves? Well here’s my even-more-favorite way to re-use wine crates: as a freaking coffee table! Offbeat Homie Helena re-purposed six wine crates, stood them on their sides, topped them off with a perfectly-sized piece of glass and made this tres magnifique DIY coffee table.

The best part about a wine crate coffee table…

Wine crate coffee table sides
Extra storage on the sides to display books, artwork, or your collections.

Comments on Easy DIY coffee table from wine crates

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask an employee who is restocking the wine display or section at a supermarket. If they can’t help, you can direct your question to the store manager. Sometimes you have to strike when the moment is hot. If you can find out when they replenish their shelves, you can also time your visits accordingly to really score. I’ve gotten some great crates at BevMo and Trader Joe’s. Although the former store tends to give the nicer crates to customers to hold their larger purchases. These stores are thrilled to get them off their hands and out of their trash flow too. You can approach the management at restaurant or a bar too. Just don’t bother the staff on their high traffic times with your query. Better to go during when the establishment is quieter. Simply say you have a DIY project, and ask how they handle their empty crates. If you’re friendly, it is easy to make arrangements to take them off their hands. It is a win – win formula for all concerned. Great to save them from landfills.

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