Non-boring lamp shades to brighten up your home decor

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Homie Elizabeth asked us, “Any chance there could be a post about awesome lamp shades? I have been searching high and low for non-boring lampshades, and they are really hard to find.” No problem! But, not knowing EXACTLY what you’re looking for, I’m going to just throw out a large collection of fun and funky lamp shades.

Some of these are pricey, some of these are not going to be everyone’s tastes, and some of these are actually made for children’s rooms. But none of these will make you snooze.

As far as “non-boring” goes, you can never go wrong with animal print, like the one pictured on the left, or this one…

This zebra lamp shade is black with white stripes… or is white with black stripes?

Or maybe forget animal print and go with animals in general? This owl shade, made for nurseries, make me happy.

This lampshade looks like it has a moody shawl draped over it all the time. But it’s permanent and won’t light on fire. Bonus!

I love loud drum shades, like this one.

…And this one.

…And this one shows how they look with matching lamp bases.

Solid shades in bright jewel tones always make an impact. This one‘s very “Mad Men.”

This contemporary shade isn’t boring, but it should blend in with most decor.

I love black lamp shades. This one looks like it’s embroidered with fluffy white clouds.

This sheer, gathered black fabric lampshade is all kinds of sexual.

This shade could be easily recreated with a Sharpie or a paintbrush!

I LOVE the barely-visible but super funky floral pattern on this shade.

Here’s the perfect shade for the nature lovers in the house.

Here’s a custom-made retro Marimekko Melooni lamp shade.

Here’s another custom-made Marimekko Dombra lamp shade.

I like that this one reminds me of the ’70s.

Amazon calls this the purple Moroccan shade.

This cool shiny gold lamp has a nice retro feel without being too dated.

From far away this lamp looks like it’s just a funky pattern, but it’s actually comprised of shoes!

I would love to see this one on a black or gold lamp base.

Ooh, I love this lampshade with pretty embroidery.

But THIS embroidered lampshade takes the cake and the “non-boring” award.

Did that scratch your lamp shade itch, Elizabeth? Do any other Homies have hot tips on non-boring shades?

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  1. Years ago I used a plain paper shade, magazines, and Mod Podge to make a shoe collage lampshade. It’s way colorful when the lamp is off, and when it’s on the type from the reverse side of the pictures shows through.

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