Jellyfish pendant lamps for you and Captain Nemo

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You might be wondering, “How else can I, Captain Nemo, showcase my love for water-dwelling invertebrates in my home?” Introducing the Medusae Collection of pendant lamps by Roxy Russell. Though these may be out of most of our budgets, let’s get inspired by these ethereal beauties and imagine them illuminating our spaces with their floaty and frilly presence:

Roxy Russell explains that these lamps are also doing their part to minimize the ecological impact of these designs:

  • It is not a disposable item, but it is made of materials that can be separated for recycling, as opposed to hybrid materials which cannot be broken down to recycle. (Note: I am now using a thin aluminum for the ‘crown’ pieces, instead of the original acrylic )
  • It is flat packed in pieces for the consumer to put together. This minimizes the amount of space used for transport.
  • It is very lightweight, also saving energy in transport.
  • It is manufactured in Los Angeles, so it supports local economy and eliminates overseas shipping in the manufacturing process.
  • A percentage of profits will be donated to The Ocean Conservancy

I think these are gorgeous, but how incredible would they look with coloured light bulbs instead?!

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  1. I have a blown glass jelly fish pendant lamp and I think it cost about the same as these, it was an engagement present from my parents, (they know my love of jelly fish). It is made by Opal Art Glass in Washington State.
    Mine light has a string of mini LEDs inside it looks amazing when it is lit up.

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