Turn lighting into a game: Replace your light switch with a joystick!

Updated Aug 18 2016

Power-Up Arcade Light Switch PlateWere you stoked about the Medieval gaming room, but your gamer style lean more towards the 8-bit than the old time-y? Or are you thinking about tricking out your game room, or maybe if you just want to make the mundane task of turning on lights a LOT more fun, you're going to want to check out this newest product by Power-Up Arcade Light Switch Plate lets you turn any light switch into a retro arcade game — the joystick turns on and off the lights and the red buttons make retro game sounds.

Seriously, this is the best part about being an adult — you get to act like a child in your own home if you fucking want to. And I want to! So here's more info on this awesome light switch if you want to act like a child at home with me…

From Think Geek:

Super-Easy Installation!
No wiring or electrician skills needed! The Power-Up Arcade Light Switch easily fits over your existing wall switch. Simply remove the two screws on your switch plate then place the Arcade Light Switch over top and replace two screws. The Arcade Light Switch is powered by internal AA batteries so no electrical connection is needed.

Be aware that since the Power-Up Arcade Light Switch fits over your existing wall switch, your light switch type needs to be the common switch type. Dimmers, flat switches, etc. will not work. Oh, and electricity is awesome… but dangerous. Take all safety precautions when replacing your switch plate.

Now excuse me, I'm going to scan my apartment for light switches that this will work with. Who's with me!?

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