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DIY these sonic screwdriver earrings!

Homie aaronanderin uploaded these sonic screwdriver earrings to our Flickr pool. Apparently they were made for a Doctor Who swap. How clever are these!?

5 jewelry storage options that you already have in your home

I registered for this coral candle holder, thinking that eventually it would make a great dining room centerpiece. BUT, for the last seven years, we’ve been dining room table-less. Now it’s my jewelry tree! This isn’t my only re-purposed home item-as-jewelry holder. From dining room centerpieces to dragons (of course, it’s me!), check out my all my jewelry storage hacks…

Holiday gifts for your best friends and special lovers

Not quite sure what to get the most important people in your lives? I’m talking best friends, partners in crime and in life, and special lovers. I’ve teamed up my shopping brain with some of our sponsors to bring you some top choices in special gifts for special people…

Turn an old bag into a nifty, hanging earring holder

Create an earring holder and show case from an old bag. Do you have a re-useable shopping bag that you love, but it’s worn out its use as a carrier-of-things? Then do what Offbeat Homie Lucy (of “hide the ugly” fame) did, and cut the bag in half, hang it on the wall, and use it as an earring holder!

Secret Ships’ wonderful home goods and fashions from all over the planet!

Our newest, awesome sponsor Secret Ships is a recently-launched online boutique that carries a global selection of affordable home goods, clothing, and accessories. You can shop all over the world — Latin America, The Middle East, India, Asia, and Africa — in one convenient space.

Use antlers to hold your necklaces

Offbeat Homie Kayla made this necklace holder from a set of antlers that her dad had. But not without giving it a jewelry-pretty make-over…

Memorial jewelry from Brent&Jess honors family members who have passed

Today we’re re-introducing you to our sponsors Brent&Jess, and we’re talking about something infinitely more serious than we did last time: memorial jewelry you can wear to honor children and family members who have passed.This post was hard for me to write because I get extremely emotional just thinking about the death of a child, but we all know baby loss and death happen. It’s difficult to talk about, but it feels important to recognize and acknowledge it.

11 fin-tastic fashion pieces inspired by sharks

Since that guy I married was attacked by a shark, we are constantly being sent shark-related products with messages like “thought of you,” or “have you seen this!?” And the answer is always “Yes!” I have seen all the shark things. So let me share with you some of my favorites when it comes to fashion…