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Great idea of the day: Use bottles and jars to organize your necklaces

I know your always looking for new and efficient ways to store your jewelry. We’ve featured a lot of jewelry displays, but what if you don’t want to keep all of your jewelry out, hanging up, etc. This great idea comes from Becky who uses bottles to separate and organize her necklaces.

Make your own an industrial jewelry stand for $10

Remember Heron from her DC rowhouse tour? Well, here’s her $10 DIY solution for keeping jewelry organized… and a cute kitty photo bomb.

DIY rainbow bling for a Pride parade (or any ol’ day!)

One of the side-effects of being in a burlesque troupe is having buckets and buckets of rhinestones laying about. I had wanted to have this necklace finished in time to for the Pride Parade. As you can see in my inspiration picture above, the necklace that inspired this one is also rainbow-themed, but I wanted to take it in a more over-the-top rainbow direction. Here’s how you can over in a more over-the-top rainbow direction, too…

(With bonus applications like rainbow stagecoach robber, and rainbow garden gnome!)

Dark clothes, punk shirts, gothic jewelry from

Oh HELLO, newly-scouted Euro-based clothier Restyle. I am in lovvvve with your gothy-punk mix and your supah-cute model. You have come along at just the time so many of us are restocking our closets for summer. Whether you’re looking for a few new accessories or a host of macabre tees, I think you’ll like shopping here.

One reader hosts an open studio tour, another makes driftwood useful, and there are a whole lotta clicky links in here

Also included: a hipster chandelier made of mason jars, cupcake wall art, and a documentary about Community Supported Agriculture.

This jewelry tree makes necklaces ART

Necklaces are too pretty to be tucked away in a tangled mess. See how Aryll got hers out in the open — and made it all look gooooooooood.

Beautiful belly pendants celebrate the awesomeness of birth

Looking for a unique and special BlessingWay gift or a way to show appreciation for your dedicated Midwife or Doula? Maybe you yourself need a talisman in the birth room to give you strength to push that baby out. When I was preparing for the birth of my daughter, I wore one of these beautiful […]