Use antlers to hold your necklaces

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Corners of my homeOffbeat Homie Kayla made this necklace holder from a set of antlers that her dad had. But not without giving it a jewelry-pretty make-over:

It was originally ugly wood veneer with red velvet. I painted the wood dark purple and just hot glued the fabric in place.

So the next time you see a cool set of antlers but think “pssh, what am I going to do with a set of antlers?” Now you know: use ’em to hold your necklaces!

Comments on Use antlers to hold your necklaces

  1. I have antlers in the laundry room that I use to hang bras and other small dryer-unfriendly items. My antlers aren’t nearly as pretty though! I might have to spruce ’em up.

  2. I have antlers for hanging keys and the dog’s leash by the front door. They’re boring though, now I want to pimp them out with a plaque and some cool fabric.

  3. I was just scrolling through the Offbeat Home archives and was so surprised to see my antlers featured! Thanks so much for posting this! I hope they can inspire other awesome antler reuse.

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