Turn an old bag into a nifty, hanging earring holder

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Do you have a re-useable shopping bag that you love, but it’s worn out its use as a carrier-of-things? Then do what Offbeat Homie Lucy (of “hide the ugly” fame) did. Cut your beloved-but-useless bag in half, hang it on the wall, and use it as an earring holder and display piece.

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  1. Here’s an idea! With something burlap-esque like that, it would look super cute if you sewed a ribbon of lace around the border. Could do the same to the other half, and gift it to someone.

  2. Over the past two years, my ears have gotten so sensitive that I now have to store all my earrings in bitty plastic baggies lest they touch another thing and then make my ears explode. I was going to reuse a mug tree and put them in bitty organza baggies to hide the ‘this looks like a piece of evidence in a murder trial’ plastic, but now I have a better idea.

    Pockets! I can take the other half of the bag and sew pockets onto the half that is going to e hung up and tuck my earrings in there.

    Thank you Offbeat Home for fixing a storage issue I wasn’t even aware I was going to have!

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