5 jewelry storage options that you already have in your home

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Michael Aram Coral Reef Candleholder
Michael Aram Coral Reef Candleholder

I registered for this coral candle holder, thinking that eventually it would make a great dining room centerpiece. BUT, for the last seven years, we’ve been dining room table-less. Now it’s my jewelry tree! This isn’t my only re-purposed home item-as-jewelry holder.

From dining room centerpieces to dragons (of course, it’s Megan writing this after all!), check out my all my jewelry storage hacks…

Cabinet door handles

Our bathroom

Lamp shades

Use the finial for long necklaces, I add buttons for short necklaces, and the edges for earrings.
Use the finial for long necklaces, I add buttons for short necklaces, and the edges for earrings.

Mirrors or frames

mirror as jewelry holder

Wall-mounted remotes

While my bedroom fan remote is off the wall, the holder is used as necklace storage.
While my bedroom fan remote is off the wall, the holder is used as necklace storage.


How perfect is is that Smaug is a jewelry holder. I also love that ring giraffe something fierce.
How perfect is is that Smaug is a jewelry holder. I also love that ring giraffe something fierce.

Your turn! What have you hacked into a jewelry holder?

Comments on 5 jewelry storage options that you already have in your home

  1. A skinny bathroom storage tower that has a convenient series of slats for shelving and structural strength. I’ve bent some large paper clips into hooks for necklaces on the structural bars and have hung my fish-hook earrings above from the top shelf.

    When I was a teenager (back in the 90’s) I had put a couple of push pins six inches apart in the wall and placed a chop stick on them for my necklaces. Above that was a piece of cardboard hanging from a string and peg; the cardboard had holes in it for my earrings (both fish-hook and studs).

    Although I’ve had my eye on the fancy earring display racks at Joann’s so I can take my studs out of the jewelry box.

  2. T’Husband made me a jewellery holder by taking a small pinboard and covering it with cute Alexander Henry fabric (black tattoo). He hung it up like a picture frame and pushed pins of different sizes into it so I could hang necklaces, bracelets etc on them.

    He says he’s not crafty but I’m not sure I believe him – it looks great!

  3. I wish I could add a pic…but I have my necklaces on an accordion-folding wooden peg hat/scarf hanger; my small stud earrings on an organza ribbon; and my bigger mostly wire earrings on a crochet top that was coming apart in some places and wasn’t worth fixing but looks cute on my wall. 🙂
    I also have a couple jewelry boxes atop my dresser.

  4. That coral candle holder is so dreamy.

    My necklaces just hang from pushpins on the thin strip of wall between my vanity and closet. The pushpins are staggered at various heights, so the whole wall is kind of decorated.
    My bracelets, rings and earrings? They’re in a shoebox with a rag in the bottom. No muss, no fuss.

  5. best earring and small jewelry storage ever: tackle boxes for fishing from the farm and fleet store! They are clear tackle boxes that have small dividers that make compartments between 1-3 inches. They work great because they keep the jewelry from getting dusty and tangled, and you can see through the lids to find each item! And, they were way cheaper than any other ‘jewelry organizer’ that I found.

    • AGREED! I buy mine at the dollar store for $2, & stack them all on a narrow shelf in my closet. I have my stuff sorted by colour, because I have a ton of costume jewellery – i.e. I put all black shiny stuff in one box, all matte black in another, all gold in one, all green tones in one, etc. Makes it easier to pull my outfit together in the morning when I am (as always) running late for work.

  6. I did this after seeing it on Pinterest. I didn’t even have to go find the rake head- I had a lovely rusty one literally just laying in my backyard threatening to give me tetanus each time I went outside barefoot.


    Plus I made my own out of fabric, decorative wood trim, paint and upholstery nails and it works very well.

    Forever and I ever I just used cork strips because I had them laying around for some reason.

    • Oh and for earrings I hung a length of chain on the wall by a nail at either end and hang my dangling earrings in the chain links. This is over my mirror and necklaces, and makes my side of the bed look like a jewelry gallery. I like it.

    • Extra shower hooks are also great to use in the shower to hang things like loofahs and washcloths, so they can dry out between showers. I use the C-ring type turned backwards in my own shower, they’re clear so they don’t ruin the effect of my brass S-curve style hooks.

  7. Tacks and nails stuck in the wall. It looks better than it sounds.

    I realized I had a whole blank wall that I was never going to buy art for, and a huge collection of beautiful things like vintage hats, evening bags, jewelry, and also some nails and a hammer, soooo….

    I keep meaning to post a picture of my wall o’shiny to the flikr pool but I never seem to get around to it.

  8. I added silicone feet to a glass soup bowl that now acts as my attache to hold my watch, rings and glasses when I get home from work. I have a pretty glass custard cup in my bathroom that holds hair pins, barrettes and a tiny pair of scissors. By the front door I use an enameled sauce pan to hold my change, keys, and stuff I need to remember when I leave next (like mail, etc.)

  9. I have a teacup from my wedding that holds spare earrings, brooches, and smaller trinkets. We used teacups with pansies for our wedding centrepieces, and I kept one as a memento.

    The thingamjig for holding keys is popular, as is the top of the toilet tank (but that one annoys my husband for some reason).

  10. I use a thin hanger on a nail in my bathroom, where I hang a couple of necklaces. It’s not as pretty as it could be, but I see them on the mirror so I actualy think about wearing them.

    • I’ve seen some jewelry hangers like this in stores. Basically they added some metal bits to help hold earrings as well as necklaces, and painted them bright pink. Perhaps you can spray paint your necklace hanger?

  11. I have been meaning to add hinges to a few picture frames we have. Hooks go behind it & the picture swings back to cover them. I like all the ‘on display’ ideas too but my house is untidy as it is so I need to hide them!

  12. This is functional, rather than decorative, but I use an ice cube tray for storing ‘everyday’ earrings and necklaces. I keep the tray in a drawer at the front, with other, more special, jewellery behind it. It’s not particularly pretty, but it is quick and easy to grab what I need, especially when I’m in a rush.

  13. I thought I was being a brilliant hacker, but it looks like someone else had my brilliant idea too…

    I use an empty Ferrero Rocher box for my earrings. It’s great because I can separate them out, as well as keep the lid on to keep them safe. It’s a reasonably solid box too. It’s not the prettiest for leaving out anywhere, but in a drawer, it’s certainly much better than throwing them all in a jewellery box together and having to sort through!

  14. If you’re like me and you have ALOT of necklaces, a standard towel rack on a bedroom or bathroom wall works great. It may not be the most decorative option, but it works for all lengths of necklaces and keeps them in one place so you can flip through them quickly. I keep mine on the way behind my bedroom door. It’s like a necklace library!

  15. I have a $20 thrift store bookcase by my bed. I pushed thumb tacks across the very top of the shelves, so that the tacks themselves point up to the ceiling. I hung all of my necklaces off them and it looks cool and displays them nicely. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153016734680073&set=a.10150739201170073.398117.507760072&type=1&theater
    I also tried using a cheese grater as an earring holder but that was way more work so I never used it.

  16. I have the BEST necklace hanger (my mother’s idea): a plate display rack. Seriously! Something along the lines of this: http://images1.americanlisted.com/nlarge/decorative-plate-display-hanger-black-set-of-2-americanlisted_31111297.jpg

    Long ones hang from the hooked sections, ornate neckpieces around the top, and shorties I slip around the horizontal mid-pieces. It gives enough separation that my many, many necklaces (including lots of looong ones) don’t get too tangled up with on another. You can even tuck the length from upper ones in behind the lower hooked bits and things stay super neat. I rarely have to move more than one necklace to get to another, lesser-used one.

    I also love my ring/jewelry plate on my dresser — it’s an orange thrifted plate with a raised edge and an ORANGE. PEACOCK.

  17. I like to use one of those accordion folding coffee cup holders. Mount it at a slight angle so that the pegs are all slightly misaligned and hang necklaces and bangles from that. Then I tie a couple of knots in a scarf and nail that to the wall to hold ear rings. Been doing that for like 25 years or so.

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