Memorial jewelry from Brent&Jess honors family members who have passed

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A memorial ring from Brent&Jess.
Today we’re re-introducing you to our sponsors Brent&Jess, and we’re talking about something infinitely more serious than we did last time: memorial jewelry you can wear to honor children and family members who have passed.This post was hard for me to write because I get extremely emotional just thinking about the death of a child, but we all know baby loss and death happen. It’s difficult to talk about, but it feels important to recognize and acknowledge it.

The death of a child is the unthinkable — parents want their children to outlive them — tragically, this isn’t always the case, as Brent&Jess customer Victoria knows.

Here’s what Victoria had to say about her son, and her desire to have something to remember him by:

He was 20 years old, and it was just me and him. I never married, and he was more of a best friend. He was funny, and loved life. His teenage years were a struggle, and he couldn’t seem to find his niche. He was an avid Xbox Live gamer and had a huge community online, tons of friends.

At the funeral home, I was handed a brochure for items with thumbprints on them. But they only had cufflinks and necklaces. I wanted a ring because my best friend died seven years ago on the same day as my son, and I wear a ring on my right hand to remember him. I wanted a ring to wear on my other hand so I could have my boys with me all the time. I looked around on the internet and fell in love with Brent&Jess‘ work. It was the best quality looking, and they could work with what I had. Brent took it over the top by adding my son’s writing and signature.

I can look at it whenever I want, and touch the fingerprint. I can kiss it, just like I kissed his hands when he was little.

Brent&Jess made a wide sterling silver thumb ring and added Victoria’s son’s fingerprint to the exterior. They intended to add his signature, but Victoria sent them a piece of her son’s writing that said “I love you and miss you” so they added that instead.

The ring serves as a beautiful tribute to Victoria’s son, and a heart-warming reminder of everything she shared with him. You can read more about Victoria and her son and check out the ring right here.

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  1. My grandmother is on a slow decline and has been for quite some time and I know it’s been hard on my mom. I’d like to get a fingerprint pendant for my mom but I don’t know how to go about getting the fingerprint diplomatically since I don’t live nearby. I seems kind of awkward to ask my aunt to do the fingerprint kit for a memorial pendant, especially since we’re stuck in a purgatory of “I’m not dead yet (but have no quality of life to speak of)”.

    • Would it be helpful to show your aunt this post or Victoria’s original post on the Brent&Jess site to kind of help explain why the pendant could be a great thing to go ahead and be planning for? I have no idea.. just an idea. 🙂

  2. Victoria’s story made me choke up at work. I’m missing a child and mother to a toddler. I know what it’s like to miss a baby, but not a young man coming into his prime. My deepest condolences to Victoria.

    I do have my firstborn’s handprint, and maybe this will be one way he can ‘be’ with us as our family gets bigger (this fall) and older (if we’re lucky).

    Thank you for posting about this.

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