Holiday gifts for your best friends and special lovers

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gifts for your best friendsNot quite sure what to get the most important people in your lives? I’m talking best friends, partners in crime and in life, and special lovers.

I’ve teamed up my shopping brain with some of our sponsors to bring you some top choices in special gifts for special people.

Cuddly things, sparkly things, fashionable things, crafty things, and things that could change your relationship forever… check out ALL THE THINGS!

super easy headband giftsPioneer Vintage Co has a these super-cool, super-easy head bands in a million trillion different patterns — seriously there’s bacon and pizza, wiener dogs, Adventure Time, or just a really pretty yellow with gold polka dots. Which means you’re guaranteed to find the perfect accessory for your bestie.

wood bow tieFrom the bows on your head to bows on your neck… Bow ties are cool, but this “bough tie” is even cooler. Wood Thumb, is a community collective out of San Francisco, that designs products like this ultra-hip bow tie to inspire increased interaction between people. It’s definitely going to increase your gift-giving game this year.

Personalized Dog Christmas OrnamentIs your best friend uber-obsessed with their pet? Is your best friend your pet? Did you and your partner adopt, or did you have to say goodbye to your fur baby? Consider our sponsor Susabella’s personalized dog ornament as a really thoughtful, loving memorial gift.

kigurumi suitsThat guy I married and I have a Christmas tradition where in we spend the day in our cozy and adorable Kigurumi suits. This adorable tradition started when he gifted THE BOTH OF US with our very first suits on Christmas day (since then I’ve gone on to collect more). You could start this tradition with your own loved ones this year.

image 3dOur sponsor Image 3D makes custom reels and viewers a la your favorite toy the View-Master. I talked about them making awesome custom wedding invitations, but they’d also make the most super-retro, super-custom gift idea for young and old alike. Even the hardest person to shop for would get an old school kick out of these.

embroidery kitYou could either gift them one of these embroidery kits, or order one for yourself and gift them the result. I am partial to the smiling jellyfish and this Boston Terrier pattern.

eragem engagement ringThinking about using the holidays to pop the question, or maybe you’re just looking for something SUPER SPECIAL to surprise your special lover friend? Our sponsor EraGem has a collection of intense vintage engagement rings sure to blow their freaking mind, and take your relationship to the next level this year.

spiffing jewelry
I honestly couldn’t choose just ONE example of the perfect gift from our sponsor Spiffing Jewelry. This shop is FULL of personalized jewelry and gifts, as well as AWESOME geeky jewelry, men’s accessories, even custom guitar picks and ornaments. All of their products are handmade-to-order, and so great that they’re impossible to choose from. But you should try.

i think i am in friend love with youI cannot believe that the “I think I am in friend love with you” book exists! It’s so fucking perfect for me to gift to my best friend. He and I get drunk and sappy and at some point at the night we turn to each other say, “I friend love you!” and exchange hugs. This book is totally making its way to his doorstep this Christmas!

What gifts are making their way to your friend-loves and love-friends’ doorsteps this year?

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  1. Hi guys, please don’t encourage multilevel marketing scams like the Jamberry crap. You can get those nail wrap things anywhere (Sephora, Walgreens, Kroger…) without being subjectrd to their aggressive sales people and endlesss FB harassment.

  2. I am giggling to myself as I picture a solicitor going door to door only to be greeted by the sight of Megan and her husband wearing Kigurumi suits when they open the door to greet him…

  3. Well, there goes a whole bunch of my money to Spiffing Jewelry! Bonus – buying ornaments as gifts for my immediate family means that I get to have them on my tree!!

  4. I’d rather skip the holidays this year, but
    those onesies
    I am checking my country’s Amazon to see if they’re available.
    I have amazon coupons.
    I am scared of what could happen…

  5. Not on this list, but something I just bought as a graduation gift for a special someone, is a raclette grill. I like to think of it as the Swiss version of fondue. The one I found on Amazon comes in red and has a marble top and 8 cooking trays. I also recently found a cheese shop that sells raclette cheese, although you can use a soft Swiss cheese if you can’t find raclette.

  6. Ooh Eragem are awesome. We bought my engagement ring from them. Michael was super helpful, resized my ring for free and had it to us crazy fast for international postage. I love it, and I’d totally buy All The Things if I wasn’t spending all available money on the wedding itself!

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