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Weirdly useful (or just plain weird) home goods from Think Geek

Think Geek is kind of KILLING IT with their home products at the moment. They’ve been blowing my mind with their plethora of insanely useful products — a light switch that also holds your keys, a device that easily separates egg yolks. And then some of their products are just off the wall crazy — a helm trash can, Nintendo wall graphics, and a jellyfish tank? Yup, they’ve got all these things. Let’s gawk…

Susabella has special event gifts that also make the world a better place

Know someone who’s… getting married? Moving into a new place? Having a golden birthday? Having a baby? Or just throwing a fabulous party? The Susabella Etsy shop is stocked with perfect gifts for all those occasions. For example, this platter could be the perfect birthday, housewarming, or wedding gift. But it’s also so much more…

I love my frying panda

Holy crapsicles, how cute is this freaking frying pan? I’m sorry, I mean, frying panda. I fell in love with her when I saw her over on ModCloth. I was also impressed to see that the reviews were all glowing.

My favorite holiday-time purchases made by YOU

I did a whole bunch of gift guides right around the time y’all were shopping for everyone on your list. Through the magic of our affiliate accounts, when you purchased something that you found on Amazon via Offbeat Home, we got to see those and all the other things you purchased along with it! And you guys were knocking my socks off with your funky finds. ‘m talking octopodes, alligators, and time bombs for your kitchen, fort-making tools for kids, Hello Kitty for your face, and underwear for both you and your partner… at the same time. Let’s have a peak…

Funky home stuffs on sale from ModCloth

I had a guilty pleasure shopping spree day recently on my go-to favorite shopping site, ModCloth. While I was purchasing a few unnecessary but awesome items, I took note of some kick-ass home stuffs that were on sale! I thought I’d share them with you… you know… to spread the fun of a naughty shopping spree!

Put a fin on your nesting bowls!

You know how much we at Offbeat Home love to decorate with sharks. I stumbled upon these fishy nesting bowls and I couldn’t resist sharing.

Cartoony colorful home goods that make your house feel like a garden wonderland

I showed off all my kitchen gadgets that look like animals. But recently I stumbled upon these home goods that look like things you would find in your garden. Imagine flowers and leaves that can help you in your kitchen, at your office, or even help you get organized! Bring the outside indoors with these nature-inspired home goods.

Marvel and DC swag for your hizzouse!

I love the Avengers. I love Batman. I’d say at this point in time my tastes run about 52% Marvel, 42% DC with the remainder going to independent publishers like SLG. What I don’t currently have is a lot of swag to back that up. I’m repping the good Doctor and my Hufflepuff pride (Huzzah!) plenty, but what, oh great internet, can I (and you!) buy for my house that is DC or Marvel-related? Boy was my wallet NOT ready for the answer to this…