Marvel and DC swag for your hizzouse!

Guest post by Niki

I love the Avengers. I love Batman. I’d say at this point in time my tastes run about 52% Marvel, 42% DC with the remainder going to independent publishers like SLG.

What I don’t currently have is a lot of swag to back that up.

I’m repping the good Doctor and my Hufflepuff pride (Huzzah!) plenty in my home. But what, oh great internet, can I (and you!) buy for my house that is DC or Marvel-related?

Boy, my wallet (and possibly my marriage, because I’m pretty sure I’m leaving my husband for this Batman cookie jar) was NOT ready for the answer to this question…

Mjolnir bottle opener. For the God of Drink in your household.

Or perhaps you’re a Wonder Woman in the kitchen or at the grill?
I found this Marvel ice tray while looking high and low for Mr. Freeze ice cube trays, trust me on this. Oh the puns we could have had…

Okay, so there is a lot of kitchen stuff out there. I haven’t even touched the “mugs and glassware” section because that is huge enough to be its own post. But what if you don’t want your comic nerdery simply confined to the kitchen?

This light. I want it. Possibly in my bathroom, so I can stare at Iron Man while I pee in the middle of the night.
I have always, always loved chess sets. They are fun to play AND make for stylish decor when left set up! I think having this chess set in my apartment would clearly make me Classy with a capital C.
Or maybe you’re just keen on saving the planet!
This is by far my favorite thing I have ever seen. You would not believe how many movies released/do release framed film cells! They come in all sizes, from single-cell bookmarks to huge multiple-cell displays.

So how do you represent your comic book love at home? Posters? Lego displays? Cuddly Hulk toys? I wanna know!

Comments on Marvel and DC swag for your hizzouse!

  1. My husband and I are lovers of comic art and long time comic book collectors. We proudly display Original comic book art that we buy from comic artists at comic conventions, as well as limited edition prints. For us this is fun because it makes our home feel like a sequential art gallery. We also have a whole room in our house dubbed “the comic book room” because it’s full of our extremely large comic book collection. We also display our statues and action figures in this room as well as in our china hutch, which has no china in it at all. 🙂

  2. I actually need a “what do I do with a really cool comic book collection that just sit on a shelf getting dusty and lame?” post. Maybe it has been done before, I’ll have to go search the archives.

    These are great though! I do love that Iron Man light 😀

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