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Ikea's new fall collection has DIY Ikea Hackers in mind

Ikea’s new fall collection has DIY Ikea Hackers in mind

If you’re an Ikea fan, you’ve probably seen the world of Ikea Hacking, or taking Ikea pieces and making them your own with mild or extensive customization. Ikea seems to be running with this idea in their new limited edition collection, SJÄLVSTÄNDIG. They are launching the collection in U.S. stores in October with customization in mind.

dorotea: Cover your kitchen in gardens of flora with this nature-themed dishware

Cover your kitchen in gardens of flora with this nature-themed dishware

I spied an Amazon-exclusive dishware line by Seattle-based Carolina Silva, called Dorotea, and fell into a fantasy of rose tea and scone-filled mornings in my sunlit kitchen. But it can actually be that adorable in your house! All of the floral and nature-themed dishware patterns are hand-drawn, and the colors are a muted and gorgeous throwback to pastels from the ’70s and ’80s — but with way more subtlety.

This new glam goth IKEA collection could be the dark weirdness your place needs

This new glam goth IKEA collection could be the eccentricity your place needs

Lady Gaga, stylist Bea Åkerlund (aka Beyonce’s stylist!), and IKEA (of all places) are collaborating on a new glam goth IKEA collection that is set to hit stores and online in March.

They’re pulling in dark colors, eccentric themes, and hints of circus to bring a little fun weirdness to the big box giant known for mostly affordable and Scandinavian basics.

My favorite items from Amazon's new exclusive home lines

My favorite items from the new Amazon home lines

Amazon’s doing some pioneering with their new ways to buy clothing (Prime wardrobe!) and housewares. I’ll save the clothing for next time and focus on their two new exclusive housewares lines that channel minimalism and industrial-chic in pretty cool ways. Have you seen them yet?!

Here are a few of my favorite pieces in both collections so far…

9 kitchen products you didn’t know existed, but could change your life!

I might have been shopping for something really boring on Amazon — so boring I don’t even remember what it was. But whatever it was lead me down a rabbit hole of single-use kitchen products that I had no idea existed, but one of them changed my life.

You might not even know that some of these exist either, and one of them could change your life!

Star Wars appliances that will make you say “No way, Ms. Rey!”

May the Fourth be with you, and may you get as big of a kick out of these new Star Wars kitchen goods and appliances as I did.

Lightsaber Blender, BB-8 Waffle Maker, Death Star Popcorn Machine… Star Wars word salad this is not. They are all actual products that exist on the interwebs for you to purchase. Check these out…

Check out the Pi-themed gifts round-up you’ll never want to end

It’s one of my favorite days of the year: Pi Day! March 14th is when we celebrate everyone’s favorite irrational number with clever Pi-themed home goods. I’ve whipped up a whole new bunch since our last round-up. And by “new” I mean Pi-themed gifts (and jokes!) you probably haven’t seen before…

Anecdotal Aardvark: The cutest animal themed home goods you’ve ever seen

Did you notice that octopus bowl that was featured on Offbeat Bride last week? I DID! And then I also noticed that the company who made it, Anecdotal Aardvark, also makes a ton of incredibly awesome animal-themed home goods. From the cutest kitty candle holders, to helpful turtles, to even more octopode goodness, get a dose of “awww” in your day with these guys…