Susabella has special event gifts that also make the world a better place

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il_fullxfull.392490419_kcxyKnow someone who’s… getting married? Moving into a new place? Having a golden birthday? Having a baby? Or just throwing a fabulous party? The Susabella Etsy shop is stocked with perfect gifts for all those occasions.

Our sponsor Susabella offers personalized, handmade ceramic items for weddings, babies, and home. For example, this platter could be the perfect birthday, housewarming, or wedding gift. But it’s also so much more, and with our special discount it can be so much less…

il_fullxfull.390096119_8wxnNot only is this an adorable personalized platter, but (hint hint, Offbeat Brides who are lurking on Offbeat Home) it could also double as a guest book. Have guests sign the platter, then bake it in an oven for 30 minutes at 300 degrees to make the signatures permanent. Beyond the cool double-usage, Susabella donates a dollar for every platter sold to One dollar equals eight meals for low-income families.

il_fullxfull.372996056_nw46I LOVE these champagne tubs! So many awesome uses and reasons to gift one. Seriously, I would have been stoked to receive this as a wedding gift, then break it out every time we par-tay. Ooh, look, there’s also a smaller champagne tub, perfect for anniversaries or your bff’s birthday! Any Megan-bffs out there reading this? (Not so subtle hint.)

il_fullxfull.394440706_kdt6Can we also talk about how cool these personalized wooden vases are? It has a zinc/tin lining so you can add water for fresh flowers, worry-free. The personalized ceramic plaque could showcase your favorite couple’s monogram and wedding year, or last name, or get creative with something custom.


OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: Susabella is offering a 10% off discount to Homies! Just enter coupon code OFFBEAT10 at checkout. This coupon code will expire on January 31st, 2013.

There are so many more giftable items to check out at Susabella — the cutest cake toppers, inventive centerpiece ideas, jewelry dishes, vases, personalized ornaments, and more. Go support an awesome Home & Life sponsor, while helping to feed low-income families, AND get all your “big life event” shopping done!

Comments on Susabella has special event gifts that also make the world a better place

  1. I have bookmarked this etsy shop with the label “WEDDING GIFTS”. Wedding gifts are now sorted for any of my friends/family that get hitched for the forseeable future. Thanks!

      • Seriously…I’m like “Well that’s nice, I never have to wrack my brain for a wedding gift again”. My friends are NOT the registry types.

        AND I just remembered it’s my mom and step-dad’s 10 year anniversay this year. Ding ding ding! Sorted.

        My mental real estate is now free for inventing new recipes and figuring out how to not knock my coworkers heads together!

  2. Lovely work. Need to make sure I remember them for future purchases especially since this stuff seems reasonably priced for something that seems to be of awesome quality.

  3. Haha! I have to say I am happy you mentioned Golden Birthdays, not in any relation to article but that was something we celebrated in my house that was not familiar to most people. I celebrated my Golden Birthday going to go see Phantom of the Opera when I was 14, because I thought I was a brooding intellectual back then.

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