Weirdly useful (or just plain weird) home goods from Think Geek

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Think Geek is kind of KILLING IT with their home products at the moment. They’ve been blowing my mind with their plethora of weirdly useful products — a light switch that also holds your keys, a device that easily separates egg yolks. And then some of their products are just plain weird — a helm trash can, Nintendo wall graphics, and a jellyfish tank? Yup, they’ve got all these things. Let’s gawk…

Weirdly useful

Magnetic Light Switch CoversMagnetic light switch cover! As Think Geek puts it:

Perfectly logical place for keys, right? Never lose your keys again when your lightswitch doubles as a key holder! Flip the lights on with your key-holding hand and let go. Your keys will stick to the lightswitch through the power of neodymium magnets and dangle there until you’re ready to go out again.” This switch can replace any standard one-switch light cover. Easy-peasy, science-y upgrade!

Pluck - Sunny Side OutEasily separate egg yolks and whites using this awesome device. Just hold Pluck‘s plastic mouth over the yolk of a cracked egg, then squeeze and release the to “pluck” the whole yolk right up!

Caffe Porcellana Stovetop Espresso MakerEvolved from the Moka pot, this traditional Italian-style espresso maker features a separate porcelain pot and enameled aluminum base that you can place on every kind of direct heat stovetop. The Caffe Porcellana Stovetop Espresso Maker enables you to make espresso right on your own stove.

Hide-A-Way Personal SafeThink Geek has a description of this personal safe‘s usefulness that can’t be beat:

The Hide-A-Way Personal Safe is just the right size to keep a few choice items secure. Use it in the office to lock up your wallet, keys, and gourmet snacks. Keep it in your dorm room to store your stash (of cash!). Put it in your bathroom to lock up your prescriptions to keep them away from your teenager’s crazy friend. The Hide-A-Way Personal Safe locks with a key and can be mounted under a cabinet, on a wall, or just shoved under the bed.

Cracked Up Kitchen ColanderThe Cracked Up Colander looks like a broken bowl. But the irregular surface has just the right amount of tiny cracks to let your pasta water drain or help you wash the dirt off your fresh veggies or fruits.

Self Stirring MugHow awesome is it that we live in a world where we don’t even have to stir our own beverages!? Let’s all get someone else to cheer on our behalf for the Self-Stirring Mug.

Wonderfully weird

Crusaders Great Helm Trash BinThe Crusaders Great Helm Trash Can is the perfect for your office, or your medieval game room! It’s made of cast resin and finished in a faux metal style so it will always look awesome and never rust.

Desktop Jellyfish TankA desktop jellyfish tank! How is this even possible? Eh, I don’t care. I want one reeeeeeeally bad.

Toxic Waste Drum Laundry BasketI know a few households in which this Toxic Waste Drum Laundry Basket would be pretty damn accurate. (Mine included.)

Nintendo Wall GraphicsNow you can turn your home into an 8-bit video game wonderland with Nintendo Wall Graphics. Someone PLEASE hook your home up with these and then make sure to give us a glimpse into your awesomely 1-up’d living space.

So what say ye, Homies… are these weirdly awesome or just plain weird? And who wants to go in on a jellyfish tank with me?

Comments on Weirdly useful (or just plain weird) home goods from Think Geek

  1. I found out about jellyfish tanks a couple moths ago (possibly from think geek) and I couldn’t believe they were a real thing!! It’s pretty much a life goal of mine to own one now. Imagine sitting at your desk and watching magical jellys floating around?! Amazering.

    • I don’t know how I’d get ANYTHING done. I’ve spend embarrassing amounts of time infront of jellyfish tanks at aquariums, just mesmerized. I fucking love jellyfish.

        • Debbie Downer here… I have friends who got a jellyfish tank and the reality is, they are just too delicate to live for long in any kind of tank. It’s a ton of work just to keep them alive, and always inevitably a huge failure. Wamp waaaaaamp… that said, while they did have it, they were friggin gorgeous.

  2. Oh man, the jelly tank has colour LED lights… goodbye productivity. Hello, hours spent in front of tank.

    I’m digging the hell out of the magnetic light switch cover. I’m someone who leaves her keys all over her apartment. This is beautiful.

  3. If I had a spare $400 lying around, I’d have a jellyfish tank as fast as UPS could get here, although, where would I get a new jelly when the original inevitably had to be flushed like every other aquatic creature I’ve cared for?

  4. For someone who grew up smack dab in the middle of a continent, I am weirdly phobic of jellyfish, to the extent that I dash past the tanks in aquariums because all I can see in my mind’s eye is the tank cracking and them getting out to get me XD That jellyfish tank would work perfectly to keep me the eff out of some room/desk, haha.

  5. My fiancee has the self stirring mug. The bottom piece (that does the actual stirring) got lost within a few days (actually, the first one we were sent didnt have one at all.)

    Great concept, not so great execution.

  6. I SO have the Super Mario 8 bit wall clings! I will have to take some pictures and send them to you guys! We actually got them as a christmas gift 2 years ago. 🙂

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