My favorite holiday-time purchases made by YOU

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I did a whole bunch of gift guides right around the time y’all were shopping for everyone on your holiday shopping list. Through the magic of our affiliate accounts, when you purchased something that you found on Amazon via Offbeat Home, we got to see those and all the other things you purchased along with it! (Before you get creeped out: we can’t see WHO purchased what, just the items.) And you guys were knocking my socks off with your funky finds.

For example, I am as delighted by the “I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats” book, as I am with the reader photos posted on Amazon.

So, I thought that I’d just goof off for a while, and share with you some more of my favorite things that you found, and I got to peek at. I’m talking octopodes, alligators, and time bombs for your kitchen, fort-making tools for kids, Hello Kitty for your face, and underwear for both you and your partner… at the same time. It’ll make sense once you get scrolling.

Hell yeah, protester: get your freedom of speech on with this Protest Stencil Toolkit.

I am now in love with these Help Remedies kits in Help I Have Allergies, Help I Have A Headache, Help I Have An Aching Body, and Help I Can’t Sleep. Wouldn’t these make great additions to your emergency first aid kit?

These Chompins Gator Clips are helpful with snack bags AND reading. Plus they’re cute.

But the magnets a la octopodes have won my heart more than anything that lives in my kitchen.

To the Homie who purchased the Wonder Woman Mix and Match Stationery, I salute you. That is awesome.

You know, I may not fully understand the purchase of a 30 Inch Infatable Fire Breathing Dragon, but I fully support it.

Something else I also fully support — Fundies. Thank you, sexy stranger, for bringing these onto my radar.

51ZI12fhCeL._SS400_Aw, the Darth Vader and Son book is the cutest thing I’ve possibly ever seen. I think this is my new go-to baby shower gift! (For more info and a look inside, check out Stephanie’s post about this book on Offbeat Families.)

41kA6KyrTAL._SX342_Either one Homie purchased THREE DIFFERENT KINDS of these wolf shirts. Or three different Homies have amazing taste in wolf fashion.

71Zvr322wbL._SY355_I had no idea that you could buy a legit Charlie Brown tree! I’m so excited about this.

81bnc4Lc3BL._AA1500_I’m going to end this round-up the same way it started… with a silly cat. The Cat a Pult Flying Meowing Slingshot Cat. Apparently his arms work like slingshots and he even meows when he’s about to land.

Thanks to everyone who bought something from Amazon after clicking a link on Offbeat Home — you are totally supporting this site through your shopping and it’s much appreciated!

Comments on My favorite holiday-time purchases made by YOU

  1. I bought Vader and Son this Christmas! Though, not over Amazon. (I did try to navigate to it through OBH though, and even carted it, so maybe it was me anyways) The book is even better than the couple of pictures you can find online too.

    And that Charlie Brown tree is the best tree ever. Maybe I’ll get it for next year.

  2. Fundies! I remember seeing those in a Spencers store when I was a kid and being so embarrassed because my mom was there, but also very curious as to how they worked.

  3. The part I love about the Fundies is look at the category they are under. “Toys & Games” and it links to KIDS BIRTHDAY PARTIES! Not exactly the present little Johnny is expecting. I laughed my ass off when I saw that.

    Now if it was just under the category “adult toys” or something like that…

  4. I bought a pair of those inflatable dragons (one in red and one in green) as decoration for my son’s dragon themed birthday party back in August. They then became pool toys. Best part? They squeak if you squeeze the nosr.

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