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Anchor’s aweigh and into your home with these nautical housewares

Got a house near a lake or beach? Or do you wish you did? Or maybe you just love sailing and ocean creatures. Let’s celebrate our love of the sea with this nautical-themed shopping roundup…

Make your rain gutters more exciting by harnessing the power of barfing dragons

You know what your gutter needs? A fucking dragon barfing water at the bottom of it! Yup, dragon rainspout statues are a thing.

Tattoo your home: Sailor Jerry and vintage-style tattoo home goods

I have a friend who’s covered in Sailor Jerry-style tattoos — roses, swallows, pirate ships, and anchors. Now I LOVE her tatts, but thanks to my fear of needles and commitment, getting vintage-style artwork permanently inked on my skin isn’t an option. But I can damn well see it every day in my home!

From bowls to bedding, plus sexy shower curtains, check out some of my favorite vintage tattoo-inspired home goods…

Graphic novel home decor to add some BOOM! POW! to your room

There’s no doubt that comic books and graphic novels are awesome because of their colors and wonderful artwork. And there’s no reason you have to wait until you crack open a book to enjoy all that color and adventure. Bring in some of these graphic novel-themed decor pieces to add some BOOM! POW! to any room in your pad.

Let’s celebrate the return of Game of Thrones with themed home goods!

I know we have a lot of TV-loving Homies. Last time I geeked out about the return of Doctor Who, I did a Doctor Who-themed roundup, and y’all loved it! This time… you know what’s coming… WINTER IS COMING! With the return of Game of Thrones.

Pi Day decor: Irrationally awesome home goods

Can you believe we live in a world in which “Pi-inspired home decor” is an actual thing? Like this Pi-symbol shower curtain on which 4,600 digits of Pi are printed in blue and grey. It’s stylish, functional, and so very geeky — I love it!

Yup, from shower curtains to cutlery, Pi has inspired a lot of home products, perfect to geek up any household…

Stackable rainbow pyramid measuring cups are awesome kitchen decor when not in use

Last time Offbeat Bride-turned-Homie iLiveinmyLab turned me on to brightly colored kitchen goods, it was in the form of French Bull housewares. This time she turned me on to the Stackable Pyramid Measuring Cups. Not since the 8-Piece Food Preparation Nesting Set have I wanted a cooking tools so very badly.

Make your own salad dressing with the help of a bottle

The bottle itself shows precise ingredient levels for each dressing — Asian, Caesar, French, Greek, Italian, Vinaigrette, Balsamic Vinaigrette and Honey Mustard. The secret to those bad boys will all be within your power to make with a shake!