Cartoony colorful home goods that make your house feel like a garden wonderland

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I showed off all my kitchen gadgets that look like animals. But recently I stumbled upon these home goods that look like things you would find in your garden.

These Leaf Keeper cable ties have won my heart. I want to try and convince my sound engineer husband to use these in his studio! It’ll look like tiny forest is sprouting all over.

Which, I guess, is kind of the point of all of these products. Bringing the outside in to brighten up your kitchens, homes, and offices. I mean, who can’t use a little garden love in their homes? Imagine flowers and leaves that can help you in your kitchen, at your office, or even help you get organized…

Take this bouquet arrangement of kitchen utensils — a tulip whisk, orange flower slotted spoon, a solid flower spoon, leaf spatula, and a pink pansy slotted turner all arranged in a white vase — it’s dreamy and useful.

I’m in love with these Sprout Bookmarks. I mean, seriously, how cute would it be to have these little guys saving your page for you? Or perhaps you have a book out on display: it’d be adorable to pop one of these into your open book and make it look like a little plant is growing from the spine. Do it!

I need this Fill-a-Lilly funnel! Hell, I wouldn’t want to take it out of the bottle once I’ve finished filling it. So pretty!

These floral wine charms are the cutest freaking wine charms ever. They even look neat all bundled up in a tiny bouquet while they’re not being used.

Along the same vein as the kitchen utensil vase, there’s also a floral bouquet of measuring spoons that come with a measuring cup/vase!

Here’s another version of the same thing, a ceramic flowering pot of measuring spoons that makes for adorable home decor when not in use.

This loose leaf door stop is all kinds of cute. Who doesn’t love a fallen leaf that is a) useful and b) you don’t have to rake. They also come in a variety of bright colors.

Speaking of a variety of colors, how happy do these colorful flower measuring cups make you?

Ha ha. “Forget Me Notes” I get it. This daisy wants to help you get organized.

So do these daisies made of paper clip petals! Perfect for brightening up your office.

Since winter is coming, I think it’s time to bring your gardens inside in the form of useful, colorful, nature-inspired objects that will brighten your days even when the snow starts to fall!

Comments on Cartoony colorful home goods that make your house feel like a garden wonderland

  1. I bought the Lilly Funnel for my mum on our honeymoon. It’s fairly soft silicone so takes up less room in a drawer than a regular funnel. But it would make me a little nervous using it until I got used to it because of that.

    But I love the leaf zip ties and the sprout bookmarks!

  2. The sprout bookmarks could be great in cookbooks – the few books I actually use and leave bookmarks in.

    The flower measure spoons and vase cup seemed awesome, until I realized there would be no place to put the spoons when the measuring cup was in use/dirty.

  3. My favourite part was the zip ties. My boy uses zip ties for everything, I feel like a few leaves might turn that from “dorm room diy” to “totally intentional to match the vinyl stickers on the wall”

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