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Turn an old bag into a nifty, hanging earring holder

Create an earring holder and show case from an old bag. Do you have a re-useable shopping bag that you love, but it’s worn out its use as a carrier-of-things? Then do what Offbeat Homie Lucy (of “hide the ugly” fame) did, and cut the bag in half, hang it on the wall, and use it as an earring holder!

Keep a roll of frozen cookie dough on stand-by for instant gifting

I make a large batch of cookie dough every couple of months, then roll it into a long sausage and freeze it. If I’m invited somewhere, or a friend breaks up with their partner, whatever… I just cut a couple of slices and bake them and I have a warm plate of cookies with almost no effort.

Use frames and vinyl decals together to create awesome wall art

Remember the “Texas redneck hippie” home tour a couple weeks ago? I know you saw their adorable pup, and the Halloween Christmas tree, but did you noticed Kaci and Dustin’s great idea for change-able wall art?

Fill an empty corner with this two-tiered corner planter and watch the gorgeousness grow

Derek Powazek of Plantgasm uploaded a few photos of his awesome two-tiered, corner planter to our Offbeat Home & Life Flickr pool. This was what it looked like when he first made it.

Start an in-absence game of chess with your partner or roommate

My friends, Megan and Trevor, have wildly different schedules. So Trevor came up with this great idea to keep things fun and playful, even when they’re apart.

Break out your Christmas tree early and use it as a Halloween tree!

You’ll be seeing more from this Halloween-themed apartment later in the week, but I wanted to tease you with this great idea…

Make your own eco-friendly home cleaner with this easy kit

I ran into this set in real life the other day and thought, “Hmm, what a great idea! My Homies may just love this.” So I found it on Amazon for ya…

Bake cookies in a waffle iron

This great idea was uploaded to our Offbeat Home Flickr pool. “Erinandaaron12” blew my mind by letting us know that you can “bake” cookies in a waffle iron. Adding that it’s, “super-fast and fun!”