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Create instant mood lighting with a cake dome

Cake dome + LED string lights = easy mood lighting!

Then our sister site, Offbeat Bride, took it another step further with pickle jars and dinosaurs. Check these out…

Spruce up the outside of your kitchen cabinets with contact paper

Homie Cj Ahrens uploaded these photos of their kitchen cabinet DIY. Check out the before and after…

Safely taking the bus at night

The days are finally getting longer here in the Northern Hemisphere, but you might still find yourself commuting in the dark for a few weeks yet. Or maybe you’re a public transit regular who uses the bus to get home after a night out. Let’s talk about safety when you take the bus after dark…

Want to get rid of extra clothes you’re holding on to? Don’t do laundry for a few weeks

I recently found myself feeling bogged down by all the clothing I owned, so I decided to perform an experiment. I didn’t do laundry for 2-3 weeks, and then donated everything that was still hanging up on laundry day. Since it’s still winter I kept a few summer items so I can perform the same experiment later in the year, but other than that all the extra stuff I had is gone. The best part is that I didn’t have to deal with any of the emotional stuff that comes with trying to ditch stuff in one go — I was able to just look at my closet and realize how much I was holding onto for no reason.

Use electrical tape to gussy up plain candle sticks

Offbeat Homie Chrome Cat uploaded this pic of her awesome candle hack to our Flickr pool.

Don’t force-drunk your friends: Let them spike their own punch

Those who want boozey punch can make their own punch boozey and those who don’t have a delicious refreshment available sans alcohol.

Use a two liter bottle to warm your feet this winter

Grab a two litre pop bottle, turn the tap on full hot and wait until it’s steamy, carefully fill the bottle, cap it tight and wrap in a thin blanket. It’s super-easy, cheap, and works wonders. If you keep the bottle under the covers with you at night it will still be warm in the morning.

Save your coffee cans to make a hanging herb garden

Check out Offbeat Homie Christie’s “balcony herb garden,” which is a fancy way of saying coffee cans, hung with zip ties. When asked how this DIY herb garden performed in coffee cans she explained…