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Use these haunted bottle labels for your Halloween party

These bottle labels will either make your Halloween party that much more awesome OR completely discourage drinking and thereby ruin your party vibe. (I keed I keed.)

Upcycle jars from your recycling bin with scrapbook paper

Just look at these adorable jars! Can you believe that before they were the perfect way Offbeat Homie Léah organized her craft supplies, these jars were trash?

Pretty-up your kitchen sink to make dishwashing more enjoyable

Our kitchen sink is awful. It only has one basin, it was disgusting when we moved in, and seems to love hanging onto water spots. We have a dishwasher but a lot of our dishes have to be hand-washed, and that’s usually my job. Since I despise washing dishes I came up with a couple ideas to make it less awful…

Use a bag of water to stretch out your shoes

Try filling Ziplock bags with water and inserting the entire bag (now ziplocked closed) into the shoe. Then put the shoe with said bag inside it into the freezer.

Use antlers to hold your necklaces

Offbeat Homie Kayla made this necklace holder from a set of antlers that her dad had. But not without giving it a jewelry-pretty make-over…

Keep your spare change in a pirate-y treasure chest

As someone who is always making that mad dash to the door, most days the whole lot of it was dumped unceremoniously on the floor to root through for precious bus fare, vending machine coinage, and the necessary float I was expected to bring to make change for my customers. So, the pirate chest became the ideal solution.

Stop hate-reading: save your soul with a browser-based URL blocker

You know you do it. You have those URLs that you save in your bookmarks for the websites you hate. You know you shouldn’t do it. You know your hate-reading actually supports the websites you loathe… but fuck. It’s so hard! Self-control, man. I don’t have it. Do you?