Fill an empty corner with this two-tiered corner planter and watch the gorgeousness grow

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Planted my two-tier triangle planter.
Derek Powazek of Plantgasm and how to grow houseplants fame, uploaded a few photos of his awesome two-tiered corner planter to our Offbeat Home & Life Flickr pool. This was what it looked like when he first made it.

It’s two feet high, three feet wide. Designed so that no screws had to be placed on the front boards. Planted with all low-water plants. The thing on top is a Sea Squill (Drimia maritima). The largest flowering bulb!

Here’s how it looks now…

Two-Tier Planter Update

To read more about how you can re-create this awesome corner planter, head over to Plantgasm!

Comments on Fill an empty corner with this two-tiered corner planter and watch the gorgeousness grow

  1. I love this idea. I wonder though if you could take a square planter, and turn it so it was shaped like a diamond, and pushed it into the corner?

    I’m lazy.

  2. Great idea for a corner, and I also love all the different succulents! My grandmother recently died and I’ve been given some of her potted cacti and succulent collection, I’m inspired to add to it because they are such cool plants and perfect for containers.

    • I think that’s going to depend greatly on the different succulents. There seem to be a bunch that are fine through the winter in reasonably northern climates (hardy to zone 3; New York is mostly 4 & 5, with a little corner of 3, so you’d be fine), but there are probably others (including a lot of cacti, I think) that wouldn’t be so happy. If you’re buying locally, ask your garden centre or local farmer (or wherever you’re getting them) whether they’re cold-hardy; if you’re buying online, look for things that specify which zones they grow well in, and reference a zone map to figure out whether they’re ok for your location.

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