Break out your Christmas tree early and use it as a Halloween tree!

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Do you have an artificial Christmas tree just chilling in storage that you wish you could break out ASAP?

Do you have a lot of Halloween decorations?

Turn that Christmas tree into a Halloween tree, just like Offbeat Homie Kaci did!!!

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  1. You could drape the tree in whiteish sheeting and turn it into a ghost.
    Or dress it like a monster with a mask and lightweight ghoulish fabrics.
    Great fun!

  2. In university my roommates and I did the opposite — we had a giant sassy cardboard ghost who stayed up through November and got decked out in Christmas accessories come December 1. We called him the unholy spirit.

    Now that I’m not living with a demon cat who eats trees, though, this Christmas tree idea has got me thinking…

  3. We actually bought a faux black tree last year to use for our Halloween-at-Christmas- Christmas (what can I say? I like themes.) I thought about getting it out in time for Halloween but I still haven’t figured out where the heck a tree is going to go in our new place… we’re going to have to take out some furniture I think.

    (There are pics of our tree here, though they’re not great- it’s hard to tell it’s actually black, sometimes, heh:

    • A space-saver idea I might try out this year is the “half tree“–basically, just don’t click the limbs in to the back half of the tree, then set it flat up against a wall. Maybe “mount” it to the wall using tape or 3m hooks and string.
      To make it more full, tape the extra limbs into the middle of the tree. And I’d recommend putting black garbage bags or paper on the wall, just to make it look even more lush.

      • This is the best idea EVER!! We just bought a new house, have a weird living room and we’re just starting to think about where we were going to put the tree. You may have just solved everything!

        • I do the same…limited room so my artificial tree goes up against the railing to my lower level (I live in a split-level). To keep the branches from interfering with the stairs, I just don’t put them in on the lower 2-3 levels (or I don’t make them as lush since I now have a tree that “folds” and the branches don’t come out). Works great since I essentially push it so the bar is up against the railing.

          Since I have cats and a 4-year old, the tree gets bungee’d to the railing using a green bungee cord. You really can’t see it, and I use an electrical cord from a socket downstairs to hook up the lights (no convenient sockets). My dad used to use tie downs to attach our real tree to eyehooks he had permanently attached to the baseboards (my mom painted them white)–4 kids, multiple cats and a dog had taught him to secure the tree!

    • I do Halloween-at-Christmas, too! I have a black rose wreath, put cobwebs and orange garland and Halloween themed ornaments on my tree, and have a skeleton nutcracker. I had spooky trees that were out door Halloween decorations that I put my more traditional Christmas ornaments on. Essentially, I Halloween up the Christmas stuff and Christmas up the Halloween stuff.

  4. We have a full sized black Halloween tree that we usually put up for Halloween – meanwhile our yule tree is really tiny, so last year we kept the black tree up for the holidays and just decorated it in red. Our Halloween tree gets adorned in tiny dollar store skulls that we glitterized, paper mache sugar skulls that I painted and bedazzled, shiny black and orange balls, lights and various home-made ornaments. Sadly, we will not be having any trees this year, due to our latest little addition – he’s now walking and destroying everything he can get his tiny hands on, so the trees will have to wait until next season 😉

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