Start an in-absence game of chess with your partner or roommate

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1384272_716400161316_1368201799_nMy friends, Megan and Trevor, have wildly different schedules. So Trevor came up with this great idea to keep things fun and playful, even when they’re apart. As Megan explained:

I woke up to this. Since Trevor and I are on such different schedules from one another, it’s a brilliant idea! Oh, but it’s on…

Let’s think of more awesome in-absence games to play when you both have offbeat schedules!

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  1. My family totally used to do this, we just kept a marker for the turns and anyone could move the pieces, with a faimly of 6 you would often see any one of us staring at the board wondering just what on earth the last player was thinking! We would also have checkers games going sometimes, it’s just something sweet that let us play a game as a family even when we were nowhere near each other 🙂

    • Ah, neat. I like this idea, but I am afraid the cat would take a turn and confuse the humans.

  2. We did this and it was AWESOME except for the part where my cats thought they were playing, too.

  3. Oh that is a fantastic idea! We have a lovely chess set but we never feel like sitting down for an entire game, but I’m going to start an absentee game tomorrow!

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