Use electrical tape to gussy up plain candle sticks

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Halloween CandlesOffbeat Homie Chrome Cat uploaded this pic of her awesome candle hack to our Flickr pool. She described it as “candlesticks + electrical tape = Halloween candle decor!” I think it’s awesome candle decor for anytime. It’s super Tim Burton-esque, isn’t it? Think of the cool color combos you could use to make rainbow candle sticks!

Of course, I also think it’s best to use this trick on candles only used for decorative purposes. Flames and electrical tape sounds like a nasty combination.

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Comments on Use electrical tape to gussy up plain candle sticks

  1. Aww, cool! Totally forgot I uploaded that to the Flickr pool. I’m not much of a DIY’er, so the fact that these are super easy to make is a plus. I was going for a Beetlejuice sandworm look, so your Tim Burton-esque comment was right on the money, Megan!

  2. NB: You can buy sheet wax in lots of different colors. Cut it into strips and use it like the tape, and still have functional candles!

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